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Make your relationship successful forever with love and happiness

I Love Myself Enough To Never Accept Anything Less Than Love, Care And Respect

Human is that kind of species who cannot live alone. Every person needs a companion to spend the whole life. People also depend on others financially, socially, mentally even emotionally. Humans always crave for love, care, support, and other emotional attachment. As humans are the most emotional creatures, most people fall at least once in love.

So, in human life marriage plays a major role. Most of the people choose their life partner to spend the whole life together and for this reason they get married. It is known to all that marriage is a great responsibility as well as you have to take care of this relationship very much. When two people start to love, they want to stay together and get married to be engaged with each other. But it is too noticeable that many marriages do not work for long. Even before marriage, many relationships get broken as well. It happens due to many reasons such as incompatibility, lack of adjustments, trust issues, and many others. Sometimes people are not able to solve their problems by themselves. In this modern age, you can take the help of third-party or virtual relationship consultants like Utah Marriage Therapy. It will help you and your relationship to stay happy and strong. (1)

  • What is marriage?

Marriage is a legally and socially sanctioned unification. It happens usually between a man and a woman, and is keeping up by-laws, rules, traditions, beliefs, and attitudes that set down the rights and duties of the partners. The universality of marriage within diverse societies and cultures is recognized for the many basic social and personal functions. It provides sexual delight and regulation, division of labor between the sexes, financial production and expenditure. It also offers the satisfaction of personal needs for love, status, and companionship. Most probably it is the strongest function concerns reproduction, the care of children and their education and socialization, and regulation of lines of plunge. Through the ages, marriages have taken a huge number of varieties.

  • Why does a relationship not work for long?

Now a day, a relationship or marriage does not work for long. In our predecessors’ age, they maintained the marriage with integrity, adjustment, love, and care. But now, due to a huge number of options and other reasons people are not ready to adjust with each other and they easily move on from a marriage or relationship. Here are some other points to show why a marriage does not work for long-

We are always afraid about the status of our parents among the society. In relationship or marriage, if something wrong happens, parents always act as a go-between husband and wife. So the intense interference of in-laws sometimes makes a marriage failure.

Apart from this in the rat race of society, husband and wife start to face the social frustration, stress of the office, or work which demolishes their newness and happiness. Slowly, they start to feel separated from each other.

Sexual satisfaction indeed plays a key role in a marriage. If you are not satisfied with your companion you will be led to the path of separation.

No matter how much a couple loves each other, but everyday same story same taste can increase conflict. Many marriages do not work due to boredom.

If there is no adjustment relationship would not work. Both partners have to adjust and have to take care of each other. Only love would not help to maintain a marriage or relationship forever. (2)

  • How to maintain a happy marriage?

If you want your marriage to work for a lifetime, then certainly you both have to make efforts for each other. You have to show concern, love, affection, trust to each other. But sometimes the fight between partners goes beyond barriers that a third party interference becomes necessary at that time. In that case, you can go through Utah Marriage Therapy. However, here are some ways to have a happy marriage-

The first and foremost thing that will help to keep your marriage happy is the appreciation of your partner. Even the smallest thing that your partner does for you, make it sense by appreciating it. If you appreciate your partner’s effort it will make him or her happy for sure.

If you constantly calculate who had done what- it will certainly ruin the bonding of your relationship. Playing tit for tat is immature and will do nothing but break off the trust and connection that you’ve built with your spouse. If you are so apt, keep score of all the positive things your partner does in a day and never forget to thank them. If you do so, your partner will start to do the same also.

Some small efforts, adjustments, concerns and most of all immense love will never let your marriage a failure.

David Smith