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Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer By The WHO Recipe To Fight COVID-19

Fight COVID-19 on the go with homemade hand sanitizer

Until now, it probably never occurred to you to make your own hand sanitizer. Of course, there are plenty cheap sanitizers in many scents in drugstores and they did their job fine. However, amid the COVID-19 outbreak, you may have noticed empty shelves and no hand sanitizers to be found. There is a shortage of disinfectant products in many cities around the world and this situation leaves people terrified and anxious.

Luckily, there is a solution. Namely, the World Health Organization has provided a recipe to make your own hand sanitizer at home. It is very easy and it will take only 2 minutes and it will cost you approximately $15 for 3.5 cups or 15 of those little two-ounce bottles.


Measuring cup, measuring spoons, whisk, empty spray bottles.


1 cup of 99% isopropyl alcohol

– 1 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide

– 1 teaspoon of 98% glycerin

– ¼ cup, 1 tablespoon, and 1 teaspoon (or 85 milliliters) of sterile distilled or boiled cold water


1. Into a medium-sized container pour the alcohol with a pouring spout. The percentage of alcohol on the bottle refers to the concentration of alcohol in them. If the bottle is 99.8% that is almost pure alcohol, whereas 70% means there are two-thirds alcohol in it and the rest is water.

2. Add the hydrogen peroxide.

3. Add the glycerin. Stir. Glycerin is a thick ingredient than the hydrogen peroxide and the alcohol, so you will need some time to stir in order to mix everything together.

4. Measure and pour in the water. Measure ¼ of a cup if you are using 99% isopropyl alcohol. Then add 1 tablespoon, and 1 teaspoon of distilled or boiled cold water to the mix. If you are using another % of isopropyl alcohol, pour as much water as you need to get a volume of 345 milliliters, or 1.4 cups approximately, and then stir.

5. Sanitize your spray bottles and pour your hand sanitizer in them. Spray the leftover alcohol into the bottles and after it evaporates, pour in the sanitizer.

6. Label your bottles to avoid any accidents.

Now go and kill all the germs!

Share this recipe with your friends and family to help them fight COVID-19.

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