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It Takes A Real, Mature Man To Realize That One Woman Is More Than Enough


I am tired of listening to stories about guys who couldn’t stay faithful to their women. I am sick of reading about men who don’t care about anyone else except themselves.

This society is twisted. No, no, wait. This world is completely mad. I am telling you.

I know that I shouldn’t generalize and talk about men or women in particular but in this case, I will. The truth is, we are all equal and we’ve all suffered in life, regardless of our gender. However, a few days ago my best friend came to me with very shocking news. And ever since that day, I couldn’t pull myself together. That is why I had to sit down and write down everything that bothers me.

Nothing happened to me if that’s is what you are wondering. But it happened to her. My best friend. My sister. My world. And apparently, that was the only trigger I needed.

She found out that her fiancé and boyfriend of 5 years had cheated on her with 2 other women. All of this had been going on for the last 5 months. She found out pretty randomly. But what bothers me the most is the fact that she never ever suspected him. He was always nice and loving towards her.  

So, do you get it now? Do you get why this world is so twisted?

I am truly sick and tired of immature men who have no idea what they want from life and think that manipulating women will actually make them seem even more attractive to others.

Stop playing that toxic game! You are hurting people’s emotions. You are destroying their lives!

To me, a cheating and lying man is not a real man. A man who dates a few women at the same time and tries to get away with it is not a man at all. That person has no heart. No soul. No nothing. In fact, that person only deserves to feel the same pain that he caused to another person.

It takes a kind, honest and mature man to realize that one woman is actually enough. These men may be rare, but they are real.

They believe in love. They are aware of the fact that love is one of the most powerful emotions in the universe. And so, when they love another human being, they love from the very bottom of their hearts.

Real men know what they feel, and they know how to express their emotions. Even the ones that are buried deep inside their hearts. They are vulnerable in front of the woman of their dreams.

They are mature and they are not afraid of committing to long-lasting and loving relationships. When they fall in love with someone, they accept them with all of their imperfections and flaws. They are empathic and they are always there for their loved ones.

Most importantly, real men don’t go behind your back. They don’t cheat because they don’t need anyone else except the person they are in love with. They choose respect, love, honor above all else. 

This article is written by Stephanie Reeds. If you have any questions regarding this topic or one of your own interest, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to give you my opinion.

Stephanie Reeds