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Introverts Don’t Need Much To Be Happy: A Quiet Time Alone Is More Than Enough

Introverts Don’t Need Much To Be Happy: A Quiet Time Alone Is More Than Enough

Introverts are uniquely wired individuals. They may not need much to be happy, but their idea of dream life is not quite the same as the idea that most people have.

That is exactly why these individuals are quite different than the rest of us. For example, if an extrovert enjoys spending their Friday nights partying and socializing with a lot of people, an introvert needs the complete opposite of that to be happy. The truth is, what an extrovert really likes, an introvert usually cannot stand.

All in all, introverts are truly sensitive human beings which makes them extra receptive to the outer world. As a result, they need different things in life to be happy.

1. A lot of time to relax and process their thoughts. It’s not that introverts can’t socialize. They can. The thing is… They avoid doing that. Why? Because afterward, they need a big downtime to unwind and recharge their batteries. As I said, introverts are wired to feel everything too deeply. That is why solitude is the air they breathe.

2. A quiet space to dive into their hobbies and passions. Introverts need a private space, a shelter from the cruel world where they can hide from the chaos of the world and just enjoy their time spent alone. This may sound selfish, but it is something they would never survive without. According to experts, having time to focus on their hobbies recharges them and allows them to enter an energizing state of flow. This is a mental state in which a person is fully focused on doing what makes him happy.

3. Meaningful conversations. Believe it or not, introverts can talk. In fact, they enjoy talking. It is small talk with random people that they loathe. What these people need in their life are human beings who are hungry for intimate, raw and eye-opening connections. They don’t want to know how’s the weather like. They are more interested in soul-searchingly deep conversations.

4. People who can sit next to them in silence. People who will understand their need to stay at home. People who won’t get mad at them for not going out that often. People who will accept them for who they really are.

5. Time to think. While extroverts seem like they have no problem with putting their thoughts into words, introverts can’t really say the same. These individuals need time to process and reflect before they can speak. That is why when it comes to reacting to something, in most cases, they are much slower than other people. They have a thunderstorm of thoughts and emotions inside of them. And sometimes it gets too hard to express them the way they want.

6. A purpose in life. Introverts cannot live a life of silent desperation. They cannot accept the fact that they’ve been put on earth to pay their bills, go to work, grow old and just die. They need a purpose in life. They want more than just a paycheck and a cozy life. They crave knowledge and they need challenges.

7. Their independence. These people could never follow the crowd. They don’t care about fitting in. What makes these people truly incredible and admirable is their independence. The freedom to be who they really are without giving a damn what anyone would think or say.

8. A simple and contented life. Like I said… Introverts don’t need much to be happy. Give them books, a big quiet space where they can spend time on their own, lazy weekends, pets, meaningful conversations with their loved ones and they will be the happiest people on earth.

So, what do you think introverts? Do you agree or you would add something else to this list?

Stephanie Reeds