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Individualized lung cancer treatment abroad


Lung cancer is a type of malignant tumor that arises from bronchi or lung tissue. The disease is more often seen in people over 40 years old. The main risk factor of lung cancer development is smoking, including the passive inhalation of secondhand smoke.

At early stages of the disease a person doesn’t have any specific complaints. As tumor advances and spreads to the neighboring organs, breathlessness, pain in the chest and bones, weight loss and exhaustion arise. The red flag sign is persistent cough with blood. In this case it is better to visit a doctor, who will provide you with comprehensive diagnostics and therapy. (1)

Integrative treatment of lung cancer in Germany

German hospitals offer a full range of diagnostics with bronchoscopy, CT scan and MRI, biopsy with histological examination. Based on the diagnostics results, treatment of lung cancer in Germany includes:

  1. Surgery aimed at partial or total removing of a lung. When it is possible, preference is given to less invasive video-assisted thoracoscopy that requires only few small incisions in the chest.
  2. Radiation therapy is usually performed when surgery carries high health risks. Due to irradiation a tumor shrinks and stops spreading.
  3. Chemotherapy prevents cancer from relapse after the surgery or can be administered simultaneously with radiotherapy in patients with inoperable tumors.
  4. Targeted therapy drugs recognize specific molecules on the surface of cancer cell and don’t affect healthy tissues. It is more effective and has fewer side effects. Such remedies as Zykadia, Xalkori, Avastin, and Iressa are used in Germany.
  5. Immunotherapy helps the patient’s immune system recognize cancer cells. This is the most innovative and promising treatment option. German doctors successfully use Opdivo and Keytruda in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

Pulmonary rehabilitation in Germany

In Germany, each treatment program is followed by rehabilitation. It requires coordinated work of several specialists – therapeutists, pulmonologists, oncologists, physical therapists, psychologists, nutritionists and others.

Pulmonary rehabilitation includes the following activities:

  • Breathing techniques, in particular the diaphragmatic breathing
  • Training of the accessory respiratory muscles (neck, back and thoracic muscles)
  • Aerobic exercise with adjusted degree of the physical exertion
  • Drug support
  • Counseling regarding diet
  • Stress reduction techniques, like yoga, meditation, massage, hypnosis
  • Psychological support for patients and their relatives

Pulmonary rehabilitation promotes fast recovery from surgery and improves quality of life. Patients become more fit physically, being able to return to usual working and social activities. (2)

Specialized hospitals in Germany

University and academic hospitals in Germany offer international patients all diagnostic and treatment options, including participation in clinical trials. Here are TOP German hospitals that showed the best results in the treatment of lung cancer in 2018:

  1. University Hospital Heidelberg
  2. University Hospital RWTH Aachen
  3. University Hospital Frankfurt am Main
  4. University Hospital Duesseldorf
  5. University Hospital Cologne

More detailed information about TOP 10 hospitals in Germany and leading doctors, who specialize in lung cancer, you can find on the Booking Health website. Also, here you can get acquainted with the information about innovative medicines and surgical methods.

Cost of treatment in Germany and arrangement of the medical program

The price of diagnostics and treatment of lung cancer in Germany is calculated individually for each patient. It depends on the diagnostic manipulations required, the stage of the disease, age, and the general health state of a patient.

Generally, cost of the comprehensive diagnostics starts from 6,700 €. At the same time, the diagnostic program can serve as a preparation for surgery or another type of treatment. The approximate price of the most complicated open surgery is about 22,100 €. Subsequent chemotherapy cost starts from 6,800 €. (3)

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