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In A World Where You Can Be Literally Everything, Choose To Be Kind

In A World Where You Can Be Literally Everything, Choose To Be Kind

Kindness. Such a small word, with such a big meaning.

Kindness is one of the most underrated and undervalued virtues in today’s world. Why? It baffles me as well. It’s free. It literally costs you nothing to be kind towards others, opens millions of doors, broadens new horizons, opens your heart and makes you a better person. And yet, people don’t practice it. Day by day, the world we live in transforms into a much darker and darker place as time goes by.

Hardly anyone today still believes that a kind word can indeed open an iron door. That one helping hand and caring heart can do much more than people can even imagine. That being selflessly there for another person can indeed save them from demise. That a small good deed can brighten someone’s day. And that even a smile can change the world.

It is true. The people who believe in kindness are truly rare nowadays.

But they do exist. They are real. And I don’t how many of you belong to that group, but I surely do. I believe in kindness. I was raised that way and I will die that way.

I believe that if you put your heart and soul into doing good, good will come to you. I believe that if you give your best to help make this world a better place, you will ultimately leave your fingerprints on it. No matter how small your mark is, there will be change. I believe that we all have a choice in life. That everything we are and we do is nothing but a result of our own decisions.

I believe that treating people with politeness and focusing on the brighter side of life makes you happier and brings more light into your life. I believe that the more you give, the richer you are. I believe that kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, and compassion are not weaknesses, but the greatest strengths a person can possess. I believe that no matter how exhausting being kind and forgiving can be in a world like this, it always pays off.

It pays off because you will always be the bigger person. it pays off because unlike others, you will always go to bed with a clear conscience. It pays off because will always treat you with kindness. It pays off because life is more vivid and more inspiring when you look at it through the lens of love. It pays off because kindness helps your soul flourish and gives you wings to fly. It pays off because kindness is contagious.

Sometimes it does make you feel like you are the weak one. Like you will always be the doormat that everybody steps on. But think about it. You choose to love and accept people who hate, neglect, and hurt you. That isn’t a weakness. That is strength, my love.

In the end, we’ve all got both light and dark inside our souls. What makes us different from one another is our choice. The part we choose to act on… That’s who we really are a people. That’s what makes us good or evil.

I hope you choose well.

Stephanie Reeds