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I Truly Believe That Everything That Happens, Happens For A Reason


Where do you want to be in 10 years? This question is a standard one during job interviews and if you are like me, you hate it. Of course, there are some people who can answer it right away while others can’t tell what they are doing tomorrow.

I get it. Some people find their comfort in planning everything. Planning gives them confidence and it makes them less worried and anxious because they always have a plan they can turn to if they start feeling a little lost.

I was one of them. I have always been someone that was keeping a planner in my purse, writing down every little thing I needed to do and then crossing it off. This was giving me a feeling like I am not wasting my time and I have my life together.

However, I believed that everything was going good in my life until things started spiraling out of my control and I began losing my sense of direction. I was forcefully being pushed off the edge.

And here’s what I learned during that time. I learned that everything that happened to me, happened for a reason.

Life works in magical ways. And even though we all want to experience only positive things, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate them and fully enjoy them if there were no bad things happening to us as well. If we got everything that we wanted in life, we wouldn’t appreciate it that much like something we worked so hard to get it.

There are good days, and there are bad days. There are also days when it seems like nothing happens and we are standing still. But those days are also important. Every day is important, and it shapes our lives.

The truth is, we can’t control how our life will turn out to be. We are not told what will happen. No one has handed a book with our destiny written in it. Therefore, I can’t tell why certain things and events happen to us, I can’t tell you why you are not living your dream life, why you didn’t get the job you wanted, or why the person you loved so much broke up with you.

But I can and I will tell you this:

There is a reason why everything happened as it did. Sometimes, you will look back at your life and you will understand. You will smile at everything you went through and you will realize that every experience, good or bad, has led you to the now. And now is perfect if you see it as such.

Everything you are going through now is leading you to your better future. It leads you to a better person, a better job, a better place, better you.

So, be thankful for every day and trust that the universe is leading you in the right direction.

Mary Wright