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I Never Thought I’d Get Over You, But Here I Am – I’ve Finally Moved On

I Never Thought I’d Get Over You, But Here I Am – I’ve Finally Moved On

I thought you were the one.

From the very first moment our eyes met, I was convinced that you are the only person for me. I could feel it in the way our bodies communicated with each other, the way your presence made me feel, the way we looked at each other from across the room, the way this force between us draw us closer and closer to each other…

It was love at first sight. I don’t know about you, but the moment I met you was the moment I first felt my heart racing, hands sweating and knees shaking. That was the moment when I first fell in love. Right then and there I knew that you are the one that I’ve been waiting for so long…

And I kept believing… Even though sadly, the signs were there. I kept believing even though it didn’t seem like our timing was right. I kept believing in you. I kept hoping that there is a bigger reason that you came into my life. I kept convincing myself that even though you aren’t always there, you still care for me.

I kept believing in all of those things I told to myself to feel good until one day I woke up all alone.

Until one day,  you left me for someone else and broke my heart to a million pieces.

I never deserved that. After everything that I’ve done for you and everything that I’ve given to you, I didn’t deserve that ending. You shattered my heart. You destroyed my hopes. You ruined my life. You took away every hope that I had for us. You broke me.

All of those months believing that it’s just a phase. All of those nights I kept convincing that you need time. All of those ignored messages, shady late-night calls… All of that was there because of her. Because she was a part of your life. Because she had that place in your heart that I was never able to earn.

It was over…The minute I found out the truth, it was over… There was no point in fighting for anything anymore. I finally accepted the truth that I had been successfully avoiding for the last couple of months.

You never really cared for me.

It took me a lot of time to get past that. There were times when I wanted to call you and tell you how much I hate you and love you at the same time. There were nights when I was so weak that I thought I could never make it. Mornings when I had no will to get out of my bed and move on. Days when I felt like I could never survive the pain.

But regardless of how much you hurt me, I did.

There were days when I thought I’d never get over you, but here I am…

I’ve finally moved on. I’ve managed to get out of the dark and find my path.

And I am happy. Truly happy. I feel happy knowing that we were never meant to end up together. I feel happy knowing that I no longer suffer because of you. I feel happy knowing that you can no longer hurt me, no matter what you do.

This goes to you… The person I thought I’d never be strong enough to get over.

Our chapter is forever closed.

I am free and I am finally over you.

Stephanie Reeds