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I Am A Mature And Self-Respecting Woman, And I Am Done Tolerating Your Bullsh*t


I can proudly say that I have finally reached the stage in life when I just don’t put up with anyone’s bullsh*t.

Yes, I’m done playing games. I’m done pleasing everyone around me and trying to meet other people’s expectations of me. I’m done proving myself to others. I’m done listening to others telling me what to say, how to behave, and how to live my life.

I am a mature and self-respecting woman, and I am done tolerating your crappy behavior.

I’m done putting up with your drama. Your frequent angry, hysterical outbursts. Your constant need to be the center of attention.

I’m done listening to your constant complaining. I will no longer sit and listen patiently to you while you’re complaining about your jealous friends and hard job and about how miserable your life is.

I’m done listening to your boring talks about how smart, ambitious, and successful you are. Because you know what?

Some of us don’t feel the urge to be the best at everything. Some of us are perfectly satisfied with being mediocre.

I’m done tolerating your judgmental behavior. Your gossiping. Your lies. Your prejudices.

I’m not interested in the way other people live their lives, and I’m certainly not interested in listening to and spreading lies about others.

I just mind my own business.

I’m done following stupid fashion rules. I have wrinkles and a few white hairs. I have a few pounds more and I wear clothes that are not a part of the latest fashion trends. Oh, and yes, I certainly don’t look like the models we see on the covers of famous fashion magazines.

But you know what?

I like the way I look. I feel comfortable and happy in my own skin.

And last but not least, I’m done tolerating fake, dishonest, manipulative people. People who show fake kindness and respect. People who are friends to my face, and I know they’d stab me in the back the moment I turn. People who are only interested in taking advantage of me. People who ooze negativity.

I’m done tolerating people who deserve no place in my life.

Riley Cooper