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How to Succeed in Psychology Dissertation Writing


There are ten specializations in psychology, and in each of them there are from ten to forty areas of study. Having studied the characteristics of all the listed specialties, you will be able to decide which one of them is more interesting for you. Writing a professional dissertation in psychology strongly depends on specialization and topic you choose.

  • Developmental Psychology and Acmeology
  • History of psychology, general and personal psychology
  • Political psychology
  • Psychophysiology
  • Correctional psychology
  • Labor psychology, engineering psychology, ergonomics
  • Pedagogical psychology
  • Medical psychology
  • Legal psychology
  • Social Psychology

How to Choose a Topic

A potentially successful Ph.D. in psychology meets two requirements. First of all, the basis of scientific work should be applied research, that is, an experiment in one of the areas of psychology, a new and not previously conducted.

Secondly, the results reflected in the thesis should have practical value (ideally applicable in one of the problematic areas of science). Based on this topic, PhD theses in psychology should become new and relevant to modern times. If a graduate student wants to fully and comprehensively disclose his topic, it is better for him to formulate it the most specific and narrow.

To assess the scientific novelty and relevance of the chosen topic, it is necessary to review the list of protected candidate and doctoral works on psychology in recent years, catch the main “trends” of psychological science, and also make sure that the chosen subject has not been studied and disclosed by anyone. The scientific adviser will help to finally decide on this issue. (1)

Top Characteristics

The structure of the candidate’s work in psychology has its own characteristics. After the introduction, there is a very informative theoretical part with a significant amount of references to articles, books and monographs of domestic and foreign researchers. But the practical part is much more important. Its basis is a psychological experiment – an applied study that confirms or refutes the theses of the previous part of the work. In the psychological sciences, the requirements for research methods are high, this should be given special attention. 

From a scientific novelty, practical value and the correctness of the organization and conduct of applied research depends on the successful outcome of the defense of his thesis on psychology. (2)

Challenges to Overcome

Considering that the dissertation is a scientific work, it is necessary to prepare for it thoroughly. In order for the content to correspond to the topic, it is necessary to perform a monotonous work on drawing up a dissertation plan, especially since it must still be approved by its supervisor. Drawing up a plan can take a lot of time since it requires a detailed study of the literature and the selection of information that will be used in the thesis. There is no need to type too much material, you still will not be able to put it into work in full. Therefore, the best option would be to work hard on each item of the dissertation. Being the best option, it is not always possible, and that exactly where a professional dissertation writing service comes in handy. Such services can write a high-quality dissertation for you in accordance with customer’s details and specifications.

After the plan is worked out and approved, you can start writing the text of the thesis. In order not to waste time in vain, you need to give yourself time to prepare, for example, two points a week. This not only allows you to keep being productive but also organizes work in the right direction. If the topic is too global, then you can allocate more time, it is important not to start the process.

Of course, four years are allocated for the development of the thesis, but this does not mean at that one chapter should be compiled throughout the entire time. Time is allocated for research, as the results are of interest. It is necessary to immediately try to properly arrange the work in accordance with the requirements. The volume of the thesis will not be small, but it is inappropriate to leave an important stage at the last moment, all the more so as it may take time to correct the data.

To write a practical part, an experiment may be required. Moreover, sometimes the work is done on a group of people who do not assume that they are subjects. Indeed, only in this case, you can get a real result, without embellishment.  (3)

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