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How To Run A Maid Cafe


If you want to set up your very own cafe, but you also want to make it unique, you should set up a maid club. These types of cafes are very miche yet popular. The main concept of maid cafes is a cafe run by pretty maids. This is a concept that many anime lovers love, and the novelty could really attract potential customers. Here are some great tips on how to run a maid cafe.

1.  Choose The Right Place For Your Cafe

One of the key elements to running a cafe is to choose the right location. Remember that if you want people to come to the cafe, it should not only be attractive but accessible as well.

When you choose the location for your cafe, you should take a few key things into consideration. First things first, you should make sure that your cafe location is accessible. No matter how well decorated your cafe is, it won’t be attractive to your guests if it is too far away.

Aside from the accessibility, you should also take into account the size of your cafe. While it does not need to be the size of a warehouse, the cafe should not be so small that your visitors are not comfortable.

2.  Follow A Set Budget

If you want your cafe business to get off to a good start, it is important that you follow a set budget. Remember that running a business of any kind requires funding. 

If you start the first few months of your business without a set budget, you will have a hard time managing your funds. As a rule, you should make sure that your budget is as efficient as possible.

3.  Invest In Beautiful Outfits

If you want your cafe to truly stand out as a maid cafe, it is important that you invest in the right outfits. Remember that you are running a maid outfit. The maids must exude cuteness, elegance and purity as they serve the customers.

There are many types of maid outfits that you could use. You could use a Victorian style of maid outfit, or you could even go for a more oriental style of outfit.

Aside from your outfits, the maids should be supplied with a good amount of makeup and eyelash attachments. Remember that your maids should look as cute and as elegant as possible. By investing in top quality cosmetics, you will be able to ensure your maids are as attractive as possible.  If you want magnificent lashes, you should try out Starseed makeup. They manufacture good quality lashes at very affordable prices.

4.  Hire Pleasing Staff

The trademark of any maid cafe is the staff. Your customers will be going to your cafe for the experience of being served delicious dishes by fun and perky maids. The maids must not only be pretty, they must also have a perky and likeable personality.

If you are going to hire maids for your maid cafe, you should make sure that they can serve your food well, and still keep up the appearance of being fun and perky. You should also make sure that they are as trustworthy as possible. Take the time to interview them on their backgrounds and their past working experience.

5.  Serve Anime Inspired Menu

You should make sure that you serve anime inspired dishes at your maid cafe. Remember that maid cafes are inspired by anime shows. As a way to strengthen this link, you should make sure that you have a menu that is used in anime. The most widely used anime foods are ramen and Japanese curry. They are often seen in anime, and are very easy to make. You could also do some more research and make some of the more complex dishes such as Sukiyaki.

If you are going to serve dishes at your cafe, you should make sure that you follow sanitation methods. Remember that your food should be as clean as possible. If it is dirty, there is a chance your customers will get food poisoning in the long run. The best way to stop this from happening, is to clean your kitchen after every workday. Your workers should also use gloves and face masks as they prepare your food.Of course, they also need to undergo food handler training courses and get the appropriate certificate to make sure all safety protocols are being followed.

Aside from using sanitary products, it is also a good idea to invest in air purifiers for your kitchen and cafe. This will ensure that the air inside your establishment is as fresh as possible.

6.  Set Up A Great Website For Your Maid Cafe

Even if you have the best costumes and food at your maid cafe, it would still be a difficult prospect if you don’t market it properly. Take the time to take pictures of your cafe, and post them through your website. You should also take pictures of your maids and use them as models for your website. Just make sure that you ask for their permission before you post their images on your website.

7.  Set Rules That Will Protect Your Workers

While maid cafes are supposed to create a special ambiance for your guests, this does not mean that they could cross the line. Remember that the maids are supposed to be charming and look pretty for the customers. They are supposed to be very friendly, and serve people with a peppy charm, however, the customer should not get the wrong message and think that they could flirt with your maids. Remember that your maids are only there to help out, they should not be uncomfortable while they are working for you. As their employer, it is your responsibility to keep them safe.


If you are going to run a maid cafe, you should make sure that you know how to utilize the concept efficiently. With these tips, you’ll be able to run a fun and unique maid cafe.

Felicia Wilson