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Drinking Habits to Get Back in Shape


With the abundance of calorie-heavy foods in 21st century America, it’s no wonder that so many people look in the mirror and feel the urge to get back into shape.

In their quest to get into shape, some people head straight for the gym, while others turn to supplements, such as protein powders or keto drinks – you can visit this website for more on these.

However, while the finger of blame is often pointed at food, we shouldn’t forget about drinking our calories, which can be as big an issue.

In this article, we take a look at good drinks, bad drinks, and everything in between, as well as the drinking habits to implement to get back into shape.

Dealing with Sugar

The vast majority of drinks that you can buy in stores can be perceived as ‘bad’ if drunk in excess.

Of course, one of the first things that spring to mind is soda, which tends to be laden with sugar. According to the British NHS, sugar can contribute to weight gain – a precursor of many other conditions – as well as tooth decay and energy slumps.

While everybody is different, the NHS states that an adult should not have more than 30g of free sugars on a daily basis.

So, just how dangerous is a soda?

Let’s take the classic cola drink, which will contain around 11g of sugar per 100ml serving. For a single 330ml can, you will be consuming around 35g of sugar, while a 500ml bottle will be closer to 55g of sugar per bottle. Drinking just one can will top an adult’s daily sugar allowance!

While soda is pretty obvious, juice is another concern. Fruit juices appear healthy on the outside, although are often full of sugar. Even though this is naturally occurring sugar, it is sugar nonetheless and can contribute to the weight gain and tooth decay you find with sodas.

Drinking orange juice shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing, considering it does come with plenty of vitamins. However, with no fiber, it is not the same as eating the equivalent in fresh oranges.

When it comes to juices, one 150ml glass of unsweetened juice does count as a portion of fruit and veg according to many organizations – providing it is 100% juice (no additives). So, sticking to just one glass a day is a good habit to get into if you are trying to get back into shape.

Balancing Alcoholic Drinks

In addition to sugary drinks, to get back into the shape you may need to consider your relationship with alcohol.

While alcohol can be enjoyed in moderation, it is not traditionally something that goes hand in hand with getting into shape.

There are multiple dangers with alcohol. For example, while a glass of orange juice will be calorific but contain lots of vitamin C, calories from alcohol are empty with no nutritional value and little sense of satiation.

Meanwhile, the presence of alcohol in the body also interrupts fat metabolism for a while, so the more you drink, the longer you will go without burning fat.

You may be able to get away with a couple of drinks now and again, but if you are drinking a few times a week, you may need to question your commitment to getting into shape.

What to Drink Instead?

As you have read, drinking sodas and beers is not conducive to getting back into shape. In an ideal world, you would give up both sugary drinks and alcohol while trying to lose weight.

However, this isn’t always easy – especially if you have been in the habit of drinking them for a while. So, what do you drink instead?

In short, if you are trying to lose weight, the best habit you can get into is to replace all your drinks with water! As the CDC states, water is free from calories, while helping to prevent dehydration.

If you still want to drink sodas, then try diet sodas, as they are usually free from sugar while still retaining the sweetness you may crave. With so many sweeteners, diet sodas can’t really be classed as a ‘healthy drink’, but swapping ‘full-fat’ sodas for diet versions is a good habit to get into to reduce your daily sugar intake.

As for alcoholic drinks, it is wise to drastically reduce your intake when trying to lose weight. If you really have to drink, consider swapping higher-calorie drinks such as beer for light beer, or a sugary/creamy cocktail for a spirit and diet soda.


When trying to get back into shape, your drinking habits are not the only thing to consider. For example, you will also need to be careful about your daily food intake, while increasing your activity throughout the day.

Whatever your weight goals, exchange the bottle of sugary soda for a bottle of water and you will undoubtedly come closer to reaching them this year.

Felicia Wilson