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How to Overcome Teen Depression: 5 Things You Can Do Now!


Teen depression is a chronic mental disorder that makes a person constantly sad and unwilling to participate in normal day-to-day or fun activities. This type of depression affects not only the mind but also feelings and the way one behaves.

Depression occurs in people of all age groups, but teenage depression is a bit different. It is brought about by things the teenagers are undergoing, such as peer pressure, hormonal changes, identity crisis, and high academic expectations. Teen depression has catastrophic results such as harming others or suicide if not dealt with early. Most of the methods that psychiatrists and counselors use are long-term. But what action can you take immediately to relieve the symptoms before the long-term goals can take effect?

6 Immediate Steps For Depression Relief


The exercise starts you off on this list. If you’re depressed, you surely do not feel like doing anything. But exercising will lift your moods.

A workout reduces the level of adrenaline and cortisol -the hormones responsible for stress in your body. Exercise also triggers the release of endorphins which are natural painkillers and mood lifters.

A quarter to half an hour of physical activity will do the trick. You can try jogging, dancing or probably go skating with someone. One does not even remember what was bothering them when participating in a fun activity. And the positive results are bound to increase when exercising becomes a habit.

Get yourself a good diet

Teen depression affects different people differently. Most teens lose interest in things they used to enjoy. Some avoid food and get skinny, while others will overeat and gain lots of unwanted weight.

But food can help alleviate symptoms of depression. The proper diet can affect your moods and energy positively. Take lots of vegetables and fruits regularly.  They contain vitamins and other nutrients that will help lower the stress hormone levels in your body. A balanced diet will provide your body with proteins to replace worn-out brain cells.

 Identify Your Triggers

In most instances, there are valid reasons for you to feel depressed. Teens feel depressed when bullied at school, having friends who are well off compared to them, love relationships, and drug abuse.

Try and avoid those triggers. It is an excellent way to prevent another depression attack. Avoid bad memories and situations that would trigger a relapse. Be an objective observer of your thoughts and not a victim.

Seek Help

Once you identify the root cause, try and solve what you can. Seek help from counselors, parents, friends, or whoever you feel close to you. Open up about the problems that are eating you up, which helps bring a bit of relief even before concrete steps are taken.

Talking to friends and family strengthens the bond of attachment and that feeling of close connection and that someone cares helps relieve depression.

Try and Have Fun

Find something exciting to do or express yourself through if you cannot talk. You can try creativity such as poetry, playing a musical instrument, or singing. Listen to quiet, soothing songs.

Participating in games or playing with pets is a fun way of getting that positive energy flowing. If something brings laughter and purgation to your emotions, then go for it. Laugh your way to a depression-free life!

Have a Positive Outlook

Pessimism births stress which when it goes unchecked breeds depression and consequently hopelessness. Focus on the good things and the good guys. Keep a diary and write down everything you have to be thankful for each day.

Writing down your thoughts is similar to talking about them, which brings some relief.  Always hope for the best.

Finally, Rome was not built in a day. Accept the fact that you cannot solve everything now. Wounds take time to heal and form scars which will also take time to fade away. Stop trying too hard.

Bottom Line

Whenever you find yourself trapped by depression, remember there is something you can do immediately to escape the situation. Teen depression should not always end in despair or hopelessness. You can do something now. Exercising, eating your way to mental health, avoiding the stress triggers, and having fun are things you can start doing right away. You can also ask for help and have a positive outlook in life.

David Smith