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How To Have The Most Wonderful Italy Wedding


Your wedding is the most important event in your life that needs to be carefully planned and prepared for. Some people say that weddings can be spontaneous and fun, but if you want that picture-perfect wedding, the only way to do that is to plan ahead and execute those plans flawlessly with the help of a wedding planner and coordinator. Do not even begin to think that you can do it by yourself with a handful of bridesmaids and family, in some cases they can help and give good advice but they will not be able to provide the expertise and dedication that wedding planners and coordinators do to give you the most wonderful Italy Wedding.

Besides, it is better to trust the connections and suppliers that wedding coordinators can tap into than relying on our own efforts, we could end up spending more than we intend to and the outcomes might not even be the ones we are hoping for. Destination weddings can be magical or end up as disasters if you do not plan for them well enough, coupled with the financial costs and the logistics of having to fly in your entourage and guests, the best option is still to get the most experienced wedding planners and coordinators you can.

Why Have Italy Weddings? 

The Italian landscape and architecture is nothing short of romantic, wherever you go, you just seem to be swept off by the passion and romance in the air. What better way to have a destination wedding than to have an Italy Wedding? There are so many locations to choose from like castles and villas, gardens, valleys, vineyards, and even lakeshores or why not go all out in a Tuscany wedding? Whatever location you may choose, it will absolutely be picturesque and beautiful! Italy weddings are luxury weddings, most celebrities and those with money to spend really want their weddings in Italy because it gives them that sense of exclusivity and perfection.

But who says that you cannot have your own Italy Wedding? With the help of seasoned wedding planners and coordinators, your dream wedding can be made into a reality! But before that, you need to make sure to get in touch with the right wedding planners and to consult with them on the plans and images that you have of your wedding. Most of the time we have this picture of the perfect wedding in our minds and yet not be able to really make it happen because we are not able to communicate it well. It would help you to bring pictures or videos or drawings of what you want your wedding to be, and there is a lot to plan for and then make decisions on. This alone can take weeks to plan, so as soon as you are sure of the wedding date, begin to initiate contact and consult with the key people who will be working for you. 

What You Need To Know For An Italy Wedding

There are a few things that you need to know and be certain of before you book that dream Italy wedding, doing so will help you prepare for the dream wedding that you want. First is, of course, the location of the wedding, there are several choices that you can make and some will cost more than the other, so if you’re planning on a castle wedding, then narrow down the top three castles you would like to consider, do not instantly choose one since you might change your mind in the long run. But if you are absolutely sure of the venue that you want, then go ahead and make the reservation.

Next is to determine the number of guests that you will be having for the wedding and reception. You might consider a rough estimate at this time and you will never really know how many will come until your wedding day but be able to provide an estimate that should give your wedding coordinators a number that they can work with. Remember that all of your guests would need plane tickets, accommodations, and meals, and this should be figured in your costs and decided to have an Italy wedding.

Next is of course the wedding reception where most of the magic will happen, most of the time, when it comes to Italy weddings, the reception is held in the same location as the wedding to take advantage of the view and to maximize the venue. But if you would want a new location then you might discuss this with your wedding planner’s way ahead of time.

Lastly, you need to decide on whether you will be having Catholic wedding rites or not, as is practiced in Italy and Rome, Catholic weddings can only be had inside a church and this would mean that the Church and reception would be in separate locations. This would also spell out as additional costs but if it is a matter of religion and beliefs, then this is a must. It would however be any Catholic’s dream to have their wedding in the Vatican, which is another entirely new planning experience.

Where To Find Help for Italy Wedding?

As with any wedding plans, the best way to find someone who could help you realize your Italy Wedding is to go to online vendors who offer the said services. And one can find a company that specializes in destination weddings and one who will have the experience and the track record to prove it. Do not settle for anything else, you can check out the reviews and comments by previous clients to give you an idea of how these particular wedding planners work and the range of services that they provide. But do not be taken aback by a negative comment or review, some people are just difficult to please and will say anything to get back at someone. Be sure to clarify the said issues if you are concerned about it and give the company time to explain their side, you will be surprised at how easily this could have been resolved. Also, choose one that you can work with well and communicate with all the time, who will be as invested as you are in making your wedding day perfect.

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