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How To Beat The Narcissist’s Oldest Trick In The Book – The Smear Campaign


When we end a relationship with a narcissist, we may experience feelings of pain and loss which are the normal things that one experiences after a breakup. We may fool ourselves for a moment thinking that the narcissist feels the same, but all that goes out the window when we realize that the narcissist way of dealing with endings is indulging in smear campaigns.

Running a smear campaign against their ex-lover makes the narcissist feel justified as to why their ex was never worthy of their love in the first place. By constantly talking shit about their ex, how horrible they were to them, and other lies, the narcissist will somehow feel vindicated about losing their Narcissistic Supply.

The narcissist is a master of manipulation. That’s why when they start talking negatively about someone with such conviction and feelings of hurt, people are prone to believe them because they don’t look like they are lying.

The situation gets even worse when the narcissist and their ex-partner have mutual friends or co-workers because the smear campaign of the narcissist can make their victim partner feel cornered and anxious.

If you are dealing with this kind of situation or you know someone who is, here is the best way that anyone can do to deal with the narcissist’s smear campaign effectively and come out as the winner.

The answer is – NOTHING. You don’t have to do anything at all. Silence is your power.
When someone is talking crap about you to others, your natural instinct is to defend yourself. Of course, there are situations when the right thing to do is to defend yourself, but not in this case. In my experience, I have discovered that silence from my part goes a long way and is probably the only way to beat the narcissist at their own game.

Why? Because when your narcissistic ex is running their mouth behind your back, then your silence is golden because it will eventually expose the narcissist for the schemer that they are. Honestly, we don’t need to defend ourselves when the person running a smear campaign against us is just an asshole beyond words.

The smear campaign is the oldest trick in the narcissistic book. The narcissist will talk badly about everything and everyone and you cannot do anything to change them. Of course, you can try to attack them back or even start a smear campaign against them, but you mustn’t forget who you are dealing with. You are dealing with a narcissist who will use your defenses as proof that they are telling the truth. I know that it is difficult to stay silent but trust me – it is the only way to handle the situation perfectly and it is the only method that works when dealing with narcissists.

Regardless of what the narcissist says, regardless of how bad they make you look, if you remain quiet, never mentioning them – it will automatically make people doubt their words. Silence will work in your favor. Always.

Because in the end, the truth will inevitably come out and your silence will be the asset that will make it happen. People will see that the narcissist was the one who was the villain the whole time. And that’s how you will beat them at their own sick game without you having to utter a word against them.

Mary Wright