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Guys, Do You Want To Treat Women Better? Here Are A Few Things To Start With


Dear men, if you think that women are treated in relationships, in the workplace, and elsewhere right, then you can skip this article.  But if you think that they’re not treated the way they deserve and you want to step up and do something about it, here are a few things to begin with:

1. Talk to a woman – don’t talk over her.

2. Never call a woman “overly sensitive,” “extremely emotional,” or “weak.”

3. Never give a woman a compliment unless you really mean it.

4. Talk to your friend that’s “kind of weird” at work.

5. Be a gentleman. (Prove that this kind of man still exists).

6. If you’re asked to participate in a project at work and you see that there are no women included in it, say something about it. Perhaps even refuse to participate in it.

7. Don’t use feminism quotes as a way to gain a woman’s trust. Prove that you deserve our trust with your actions, not words.

8. Don’t flirt with other women if you’re already in a relationship.

9. Delete sentences like: “We’re stronger, smarter, and better than women” from your vocabulary.

10. If a woman tells you no when you ask her out on a date, well, don’t ask her again.

11. If a woman hasn’t shown interest in being physically intimate with you, then back the hell off.

12. Don’t send a woman pictures of your genitals unless she asked for them.

13. Never compare your girlfriend to another woman. We’re all different and therefore special in unique ways.

14. If you’ve helped or done a woman a favor, don’t expect that she owes you something more than just a polite “Thank you.”

15. Never make assumptions about a woman’s intellectual capabilities, knowledge, strength as well as desires based on the way she dresses.

16. Pay women as much as you pay guys.

17. Don’t project your insecurities and fears onto a woman.

18. Use your power to protect women, not to control them or force them to do something they don’t want.

19. Don’t get defensive when a woman calls you out on your behavior.

20. Don’t read lists like this one and think that most of the above-mentioned things don’t apply to you.

Riley Cooper