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Gay Singles Can Look For Love (or Hookups) – Here’s How


Finding love isn’t easy, whether you’re gay or straight. If you happen to be gay, then many would argue that finding love is a lot more difficult than it is for a straight man, since there are fewer gay people in the dating pool to draw from. However, just because it’s a little more difficult to find love as a gay man, that’s not to say that it’s impossible. In fact, with a little effort, it’ll be a breeze.

This post will tell you how you can find love (or hook-ups if that’s what you’re after) as a gay man.

Hook-up Sites

Hook-up sites are one of the best places to look if you’re looking purely for sex. Hook-up sites catering to the gay community are also called gay sex sites since all of the people using them are looking only for sex and nothing more. While you won’t have much luck finding somebody to start a meaningful relationship with on one of these sites, they are very effective at helping you to find people to have sex with. If you are going to use a hook-up site, then make sure that you are confident the people you match with are who they say they are, and always meet somebody first in a public place before agreeing to have sex with them. Wear protection, too, since there are lots of viruses going around at the moment.

Dating Sites

Dating sites are more or less exactly the same as hook-up sites in terms of site formatting and how they are used, except they are used by people who are looking for love. If you are going to use a dating site, then you need to make sure that your profile is as honest as possible and reflects the true you (though you don’t have to share any information that you don’t want to). A lot of people lie on their dating site profiles, but this is a really bad idea. The reason for this is that if you do ever end up meeting any of the people that you have matched with, and they discover that you are lying, they might not want to enter into a long-term relationship with you.


Gay bars are another effective way of meeting people for casual sex, or even for long-term relationships. If you intend on visiting gay bars for sex, then you need to make sure that you follow the same advice given in the cruising section. Wear protection and be safe. If it’s possible for you to do so, then get to know the people with whom you plan on having sex first, just so that you can be sure that they don’t have any viruses or infectious diseases that they could transmit to you through sex.   

Video Chat

Video chat services are not technically for people who are looking for relationships, they are designed more for people who want to make new friends on the internet. However, despite video chat services not being designed for people who want to find a relationship, a lot of people use them for this purpose anyway. A video chat site, like Chatroulette, for example, is a site where people randomly chat with others. The downside to them is that they are international, so you won’t be able to specify which countries you want your matches to come from.

Gay Singles Can Look For LoveChatrooms

Chatrooms are an alternative to video chat services. While on the whole chatrooms have been dying out over the last few years, gay chatrooms are still quite popular. If you are going to use one of these chatrooms to find love or sex, then you need to follow the same rules set out several points ago. Firstly, be completely honest when you are describing yourself, and secondly, make sure that the people with whom you are meeting are safe, who they say they are, and clear of any diseases or viruses.


Cruising is a very big thing in the gay community. It is the act of going out to public places (known to others in the community) and having casual sex with strangers. More often than not, the sex is had outdoors or inside designated places, like bathrooms. If you are going to go cruising, then you need to make sure that you wear protection. You could also go to a men’s bathhouse, which is another place frequented by members of the gay community and is a common place for people who are cruising to go. Before having sex with anybody, make sure that you have a condom, as unprotected sex can be very dangerous, whether you’re gay or straight.  

Using Forums

Forums can be a good way to meet people too, although it’s hard to find active forums to use today. If you are going to use a chatroom, then it’s highly probable that the chatroom you are using has an accompanying forum, so it’s a good idea to use that. One forum that is very popular is Reddit. Reddit is the internet’s most active forum, with millions of daily users. Reddit can be a great place to find people to hook up with, chat with, and start relationships. The good thing about Reddit is that you can see a person’s previous posts when you click their profile, so you can see what kind of person they are and how their values align with your own before meeting them or agreeing to talk to them.


Finally, if you have any friends that are friends with people you are interested in dating, then you could ask them to introduce them to you. Introductions from one’s friends can be an effective way of meeting a romantic partner. If you use social media, then you can also go through your friends’ friends lists and see if there are any people there to whom you are attracted.

Finding love can be challenging, even with all of the methods afforded to modern people (like those outlined here). When you are dating or just hooking up with people, be as genuine as you possibly can, don’t exaggerate, and be cautious. Make sure that you are honest too, since lying can destroy a relationship before it’s even begun.

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