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Find That Someone Who Will Support You, Not Judge You

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Wouldn’t you agree that finding a partner who will grow with you is soothing? A partner who will communicate with you and learn together with you?

Don’t you imagine having someone by your side that will love you for who you are? You don’t need someone who will constantly judge you and try to change you. You need someone who will complete you and encourage you.

So, find someone who will encourage you to do the things you never thought you could do. Someone who will want to see you break through and who will encourage you to do more. It is really comforting to know that the person by your side fully supports you.

Find someone who will want you to follow your dreams, no matter how big they are. Someone who will not let you settle for less, instead, they will go over every detail with you just so you find your way to what it is you want to do for a living. They will not force you to do what they think is best, but instead, they will know what your dreams are and help you achieve them.

Find someone who will always make time to see you, not someone who makes excuses about not seeing you. In times like these, when everyone is so busy and not affectionate at all, find someone who will be willing to drop anything when you need them. Someone who will have a pure desire to see your face and hear your voice at least for 15 minutes of your time.

Find someone who will support you when you want to lose some weight after the holidays, or when you decide that you need to change your lifestyle. Someone who will support you when you try to eat something healthier or try to go vegan and run in the morning. Someone who will not pressure you to lose weight. No! Because they will love you for how you look, and they will support your decision that you want to change something and maybe they’ll even eat healthy with you too.

Find someone who will know when you need someone to take a walk with to clear your thoughts. It’s good to have someone to listen to your troubles and hear them say that it will be better.

Find That Someone Who Will Support You, Not Judge You

Find someone who will respect you. Someone who will tell you that you are smart, strong, and capable to conquer anything you can imagine. Someone who will compliment you on your style and looks. Someone who will be satisfied with how you look and who won’t have the urge to change anything about you.

With a person as amazing as this one, you won’t need to worry whether you show them your sunny days or your cranky days, because they are going to love and value every bit of you. They will not be afraid and run away. Moreover, they will laugh right beside you when you do something stupid and reckless.

More importantly, it’s truly amazing to find someone who will be there when times are hard for both of you, and who will hang on to what’s coming next and be excited about a better future with you.

Last but not least, find someone who you can trust your heart with and always count on.

Remind yourself that you are worthy of this person and they will come.

Feel free to share this story with someone if they need a reminder of what they deserve.