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Dad Of 5 Creates A Parody Of “Sexy And I Know It” With His Kids – And The Results Are Hilarious


Every parent out there knows just how challenging life with kids can be. Although it may be the most rewarding thing that you ever do, it’s also an everyday struggle. Despite that, the good times definitely make up for the bad times tenfold when it comes to parenting.

One man seems to agree with that statement and is trying his best to enjoy the happier moments, even if they come with some difficulties too. Now, we can get a glimpse into his world when this dad of 5 creates a parody of “sexy and I know it” with his kids – and the results are hilarious.

Thankfully for this parent, he obviously has a good idea of what his kids find enjoyable. Throughout this ridiculously funny music video, his children can be seen laughing and smiling at their father’s silly antics.

It’s not all fun and games, however. Along with all the jokes and butt wiggling, this dad decides to highlight all the struggles of having kids too. Some of these include tripping over toys and dragging them to the grocery store.

Throughout this parody, he also feeds his kids, dances with them, and lifts them like weights. To make the whole thing even funnier, he goes as far as to show off his dad skills by juggling diapers.

Watch the hilarious parody video below.

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Eva Jackson