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Cool Cannabis Accoutrements for a Stylish Smoke Sesh


Cannabis isn’t a fancy drug that requires investment in expensive and extensive equipment to get users high — but that doesn’t mean that stoners don’t have any sophisticated or chic options when it comes to smoking accoutrements. If you want to elevate your cannabis experience, or  any of the following high-quality cannabis products from a Tucson dispensary.

Green Jay E-lighter

E-lighters are excellent for lighting joints or pipes because they are wind-proof and rechargeable, but more importantly, they don’t contain flammable gas, like butane; butane is dangerous, and it can impart a funky smell and taste to your bud. This e-lighter from Green Jay uses heated coils to combust your flower, and its sleek, round design fits comfortably in the hand and pocket.

Simple Accessories Portable Grinder

The last thing you want to do is lug your bulky five-chamber grinder hither and yon, but you do need a way to give your weed a good grind when you are on the go. Fortunately, the PenSimple from Simple Accessories is the perfect solution. An electric grinder and dispenser on one side and a storage vault on the other, this pen makes grinding, well, simple.

Banana Bros. Electric Smart Grinder

Then again, if you are at home, you might as well get the best grind you possibly can. The OTTO, an electric smart grinder from Banana Bros., is an all-in-one tool that takes you from nugs to perfectly rolled joints in a matter of minutes. A gadget that looks like it belongs in a futuristic kitchen, the OTTO is a stylish tool for the high-tech stoner.

Apothecarry Case

Something that true cannabis connoisseurs understand is that a mason jar is no place to store bud. Good-quality flower needs to be kept in an environment well-suited to preserving cannabis compounds — which is why the people of Apothecarry have devoted so much time and energy in developing the perfect cannabis carrying case. The Apothecarry Case controls humidity while holding in those valuable terpenes and organizing all your accoutrements in one stylish space.

Firedog Smell-proof Pouch

When you are traveling from the dispensary back home — or home to some other 420-friendly space — you need a smaller container to stash your weed in. These beautiful leather bags from Firedog keep the smell in and the flower fresh without funking up your fashion.

Bong Appetit

No kitchen is properly decorated without a few deluxe cookbooks on the countertop. In the stoner kitchen, the best cookbook you can buy is “Bong Appetit,” a helpful guide to cannabis culinary creations from the editors of Munchies. Containing a total of 65 recipes, this cookbook should keep you in edible heaven, and it will look delightful on your kitchen shelf, too.

Levo II Infuser

The more you spend time cooking with cannabis, the more you need the Levo II Infuser. This kitchen gadget is useful for infusing anything into oils and butters — rosemary, lavender, calendula — but it is of particular use to the stoner chef. This infuser takes the chore of producing cannabutter or canna-oil and makes it a simple, straightforward process, so you can focus on the more exciting aspects of 420 cooking.

Summerland Ceramic Bong

A bong is a big investment, not least because it takes up so much space in your home. Thus, you should be sure to buy a bong you don’t mind keeping on display, and the Summerland ceramic bong is probably the best option out there. Handcrafted with clean lines and stylish colors, this bong is as wonderful to look at as it is wonderful to use.

Marley Natural Black Walnut Set

Especially since legalization, there are more cannabis accoutrements available than you could ever buy or use. In truth, you only need a couple items to get good and high — which is why you might turn your attention to the Black Walnut collection from Marley Natural. These weed essentials include a variety of pipes and bubblers, stash boxes, rolling trays and grinders with an exceedingly smooth and mature finish, to make your stoner session feel understated and chic.

The more you smoke, the more important it is to have tools and gadgets that suit your needs. These accoutrements are fun, practical and stylish, so you can be the best outfitted stoner out there.

David Smith