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Company Relocation: Vital Tips for a Successful Move


Several factors imply a move for a company: a merger, an expansion and the need for additional space, and more. Whatever the reason, this change can be done very quickly or take much longer – especially in the case of a large company with several services and departments. 

To take place in good conditions, a company’s move must be anticipated and prepared! Here are our tips for a successful moving project.

Ensure the relevance of the move 

Before moving a company, it is essential to ask the right questions:

  • Is this change necessary?
  • What are its benefits for my business?
  • Do I have the required funding to carry it out?

These three questions are central. Indeed, before moving your business, first, ask yourself if the timing is right. The real estate business responds to a certain seasonality: more managers are looking for offices in January and September. These are two good times to start your research and discover the state of the market.

Consult ad sites, create email alerts, observe market prices, and contact specialized real estate agencies to frame your project. 

Take advantage of these high points to familiarize yourself with the market; even if the time is not necessarily the right one, stay on the lookout to avoid missing out on a great opportunity.

Is your business growing and running out of space to install additional equipment? In this case, the move imposes itself; this change will inevitably have a positive impact since it will allow your company to be more productive.

The last question seems quite obvious, as it is essential to ensure your financing capacities, whether for a rental or purchase project. Once your motivations have been defined and your budget is known, you can embark on the great adventure of the business relocation.

Change your subscriptions and addresses

The company is known by a particular name and, above all, a specific address.

In order not to have any problems at the administrative level, it is necessary to anticipate this change of address sufficiently early; this will save you any loss of mail.

It is also important to notify your internet provider to ensure that your connection will be operational as soon as you arrive at your new premises.

These small details can seriously affect your activity if they are not anticipated in advance.

Do not forget: Remember to modify your internal documents, such as documents with letterhead, business cards, or company brochures, and take down all mentions of your old address on your media online (website, social networks, email signatures, etc.).

Get quotes from commercial moving services

How the company’s properties are handled is an integral part of a move. This step can be carried out directly by the employees of a company if it involves simple tasks (moving a few boxes, assembling furniture, installing screens, etc.).

However, for businesses with more than twenty employees, such companies must call on competent commercial moving services. Request a quote and seek advice from your mover. 

It makes it possible to anticipate the workload to be carried out (number of boxes to be moved, duration of loading and unloading of the truck, etc.).

The day of the move must also be fixed, providing for a possible adjustment in the event of a delay.

Be careful, however, when signing the moving contract. Be careful with the small details directly influencing the final price: insurance, contract options, deadlines, or even the expected weight. (1)

Inform and prepare your staff

Internal communication is the key factor in the success of your move. It ensures a smooth process and a good understanding on the part of your teams of the changes to come and the tasks to be carried out. Below are tips on how to do this:

  • make a playful communication around the company move;
  • ask employees to give their ideas on the improvements to be implemented in terms of the organization and decoration of workspaces;
  • involve employees in the organization of the move and in the changes to come.

Your employees will thus be able to take the time to put in place the various processes necessary to organize themselves correctly. 

Final Words 

It’s hard to focus on this event when your business is at its peak. It is therefore strongly advised to prepare your move in advance by choosing the best period. Also, remember to monitor the events taking place in your city on the date of the move (works, closed road, show, etc.); events that could slow you down or prevent your move. There are many more things to consider but we’ve touched the most essential. Wishing you a successful move! (2)

Felicia Wilson


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