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Can I Wear Jeans To Del Frisco’s?


You’ve just booked a table at your favorite restaurant. But wait, are there any clothing expectations? For the most part, there are five main kinds of dining room attire: business casual, formal, jacket-required casual, and informal.

Generally speaking, the cost of Del Frisco’s service could be justified by their first-rate service and food, making this mild inconvenience tolerable for customers.

What can I wear?

The dress code at Del Frisco’s is business casual. This means no workout clothes, hoodies, or bathing suits of any kind are allowed.

Athletes aren’t allowed to wear sportswear, including baggy or oversized clothes, bandannas, hats, caps, bandannas, ball caps, and jerseys.

Explicitly provocative garments will not be permitted. Any clothing with an obnoxious stench is prohibited from being worn on the site.

Del Frisco’s management has the authority to reject service to anybody not complying with the dress code, regardless of whether or not a reservation has been made

Why are there dress codes?

Since restaurants pay staff to do specific jobs (such as cleaning), they feel free to impose tight dress codes on them. Putting one’s own safety and the safety of others at risk might occur when employees are not appropriately dressed (e.g., lifeguard or firefighter).

For example, if you’re at an office and wearing a swimming suit, you’re breaching social conventions and creating a sterile environment.

Restaurants are justified in dictating their staff’s dress, but why should they also attempt to dictate what their customers should wear? Instead of paying their consumers, they’re being paid by them!

According to the tenets of the food business, it’s true that enterprises must focus on serving the demands of their patrons; yet, there are two critical conditions for executing this basic principle:

  • Restaurants use dress code standards to provide a uniformity of appearance for workers. Having a dress code in the foodservice sector is vital to the establishment’s branding, cleanliness, or food safety.


  • By establishing a defined dress code for restaurants, they assist workers in avoiding any possible blunders when it comes to picking out their work clothes. A dress code then sets a standard for the staff and allows the management to enforce it.


Don’t be daunted by the minimal number of options for attire. Make sure you understand a restaurant’s dress code requirement representing the atmosphere they want you to enjoy.

Decoding dress codes

Business casual

Think about business casual attire as though you were going out to dinner with a client. Even though this dress code has several interpretations, it doesn’t allow for sneakers or jeans to be worn at all.

There are no standard rules for fabric or color, but you should always dress professionally and polished.

For men: There are various ways to style your button-down collared shirts, long-sleeve, or button-downs, as well as slacks or dark-colored trousers. Shoes made of loafers or leather are acceptable at all times.

For women: As long as you don’t go overboard, you’ll be okay with formal pants and knee-length dresses. You may also wear a skirt or dress, but keep an eye out for the length. Choose from your favorite flats, heels, and pumps for your outfit’s footwear.


Formal gatherings may take many forms, ranging from charity fundraisers to evening wedding celebrations. The formal dress code includes a variety of different outfits, so it’s essential to know the distinctions, so you’re not second-guessing your wardrobe.

When a formal dress code is in effect, attendees are expected to wear their finest attire, ladies in their elaborate gowns and males in donning suits.

For men: A tuxedo is appropriate for formal meals since evening activities are often more formal than daytime gatherings.

For women: Cocktail dresses, long dresses, and evening gowns would be appropriate attire. If you’re attending a formal event, you’ll probably want to wear a cocktail dress or floor-length gown.

You may also wear well-tailored jeans combined with a dressy shirt, and finish your appearance with a pair of beautiful shoes, for example.


A casual dress code means that they encourage you to show up in your most laid-back attire. T-shirts, shorts, jeans, and shorts are all allowed and recommended for the event. When it comes to dressing casually, the goal is to have fun instead of dressing like you’re going to work all the time.

For men: Wear a well-fitting shirt with sneakers and jeans or a more traditional shoe style like loafers for this look. You may wear a collared polo shirt and khakis if you want to spice things up a level.

For women: You can match your favorite jeans with an easy-to-wear shirt. Colorful clothing is preferable to gloomy clothing. High heels, boots, or even sneakers are all acceptable footwear choices. When eating outside, shoes are preferable since heels might become stuck in soft soil.


Remember that meals are more than just a time to dress up and socialize; they’re a chance to catch up with loved ones, celebrate, and, of course, eat. Don’t allow a dress code to scare you away from attending a particular event!

When eating at Del Frisco’s, it’s essential to dress up so that you may take a pause from your daily routine and enjoy the most incredible cuisine and wine with your people.

As a result, if you want to be a part of the occasion fully, you need to dress the part.

Felicia Wilson