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Body Hair Removal and Sweat: Myth Revealed


Once you start shedding the hair crop from your body, it becomes extremely important to take care of the body. Many people start regular use of essential formulations to keep their body, especially the hairy area nice and nourished. They make sure that the right odor comes from their body and that nothing like that irritating sweaty smell emerges. Men have sensitive skin just like women, they tend to become super sweaty as the hair gets removed.

The body hair when removed may provide certain reactions to the body, such as some belief that it tends to reduce the sweat of the body. If this is the case, let’s have a deeper insight into this and check this out by gathering some facts:

How is Sweat Originated in our body

Just like other glands, there are specialized glands controlling the excessive sweat that comes out of the body. One gland is the eccrine gland, which controls sweat coming out from all over the body. It is present just under our skin and is responsible for producing sweat. This sweat is mainly salt in water. It is needed for maintaining the cooling job.

The other sweat-producing gland is the apocrine gland. It is mainly associated with the hairy areas, these are present in the chest, armpits, or pubic hair. These sweat glands are used to produce oil. The sweat that is produced by them is quite smelly.

Thus, when you go for the removal of your hairy areas, you will see that after you are done, you will tend to experience less perspiration. This is because as there is no hair, the skin is where the apocrine glands are situated, and the body has less resistance to the sweat retaining. This means that the sweat remains longer on the body where there is more hair and produces a foul smell as well. (1)

Sweat Reduction Myth gets resolved

It is said that the body tends to perspire more after you have decided to remove unwanted body hair and do it. Not only this, some say that the hair on the sweat glands is used for providing them with more space for evaporation. The truth is rather different. There is no way you can stop the sweat from occurring.

Thus, it means that if you have sweat on your body and hairs too, your sweat will remain on your body for a longer duration as the hair provide the space for evaporation. The odor of your sweat will be available too as there is a chance of more bacteria on your hairy skin.

However, in the other case, if there is no hair on your body, you will see that there is less chance of sweat getting evaporated fast. Odor remains a little less foul due to the absence of hair. But in either case, the amount of sweat remains the same. Therefore, it doesn’t matter you have hair on your body or not, all that matters is that your body needs to be cleaned at a regular interval so that there is nobody sweat or odor available. (2)

Some Final Words

Sweat comes naturally and cleanses your body in the best way. Whether there is hair on your body or not, there is no way you can control this sweat from occurring. You can clean your body and keep it healthy by washing your skin regularly. So, the next time you go for a hair removal treatment, don’t think that your perspiration will be affected or not. You will get a super-smooth body and your body appearance will be quite refined. (3)

David Smith