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Best Smart Watches to Wear In 2022

Best Smart Watches to Wear In 2022

Initially, these devices were considered hipster toys. Then – an indicator of status. Now smartwatches make life easier for athletes, businessmen and just people who actively use smartphones. With this gadget, you can receive calls, answer SMS messages and emails, control the player, measure heart rate and solve many other tasks. The range of smartwatches is huge, but we caught 4 best smart watches of the best models suitable for different tasks, tastes and budgets. You can buy from china dhgate cheap or any other online store.

1. Apple Watch Series 8

The eighth generation of smart watches with a large screen, new colors and features. The first and most convenient is the introduction of the keyboard, now you can type text directly on the clock, as well as respond to notifications. Added fast charging, temperature sensor, improved battery and dust / moisture protection. A smart watch will become an excellent device for playing sports, quickly answering calls and viewing your health indicators. (1)


  • S8 processor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Sleep control
  • Large informative display
  • Blood oxygen monitoring
  • Suitable for sports

2. Fitbit Sense Health & Fitness

Fitbit Sense Health & Fitness is a smart watch for health monitoring and is the choice of active users who are interested in monitoring their activity 24/7. The gadget collects statistics on heart rate, sleep phases and indicators during training, which will allow you to give a comprehensive assessment of the health of the owner. The watch is able to recognize and analyze physical activity in different modes, including: running, strength training, cycling, swimming and more. Fitbit Sense supports Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, NFC.


  • Recognition of different types of physical activity
  • Control of heart rate, sleep phases, calories
  • Availability of GPS and NFC
  • Proprietary EDA Technology
  • Display glass Gorilla Glass 3
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters


  • The display is too big on the wrist
  • No choice of interchangeable straps to wear

3. Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE is a smartwatch in which everything is attractive for potential users: functionality, design, and price. The watches in this series are equipped with an S5 processor, an accelerometer, an optical heart sensor, an altimeter and a compass. Apple Watch SE captures heart rate (HR), the number of steps taken and calories burned, sleep phases and other indicators of the body. All the standard functions of a smart watch are also present: notifications of incoming calls and messages, Siri voice assistant, contact-less payments, etc. For comfortable wearing of the Apple Watch SE, many straps (original from Apple and copies) are available, including mono bracelets.


  • Convenient touch screen
  • Tracking key performance indicators of the body
  • Applications for sports
  • Sleep control
  • Plenty of straps to wear
  • Housing made of quality material
  • Large informative display
  • Excellent processor performance

4. Huawei Honor Watch Magic 2

TOP-5 is closed by smart watches from Huawei. This gadget is somewhat different from the watches in the above positions, both in design and in the set of functions. Visually, they resemble ordinary, classic watches: round case, metal bezel, side control buttons. Such a specific design will make them a good addition to any look, whether it’s a workout in the gym or an evening event. AMOLED-display displays a high-quality picture, with a compact arrangement of all the necessary data. The functionality of the device is not comparable to the Apple Watch 6, for example, but it will still provide a couple of useful features for your use. The smart device monitors key performance indicators of the body, monitors physical activity, receives notifications of incoming calls and messages, and much more. (2)


  • Round case with metal bezel
  • Convenient interfaces
  • AMOLED display
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Long battery life
  • Stylish classic design


  • The round shape will not be convenient for everyone
  • Relatively limited set of smart features
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