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Benefits of Developing the Logical Mind


Creative expression is one of the most rewarding experiences that life offers. For some, getting in the flow and following their heart is as natural as breathing. For many looking from the outside in, free spirits can inspire awe and even jealousy from those who are left-brained.

One recent study from the University of Berkeley, California, found that experiencing a sense of wonder can lead to the production of cytokines, which kickstart the immune system. In this way, being a free spirit can literally lead to better health.

Even so, many people benefit from fostering new hobbies and activities that are designed to exercise their brains. In other words, whether right- or left-brained, everyone can do more to develop skills that aren’t inborn in them. In the case of a free-spirited artist, this might mean developing a logical mind, which has practical benefits.

Let’s take a look at three benefits of developing critical thinking skills and activities suitable for this.

The Brain Likes New Things

When we try new things and present our brains with new stimuli, dopamine is released into our bloodstream. Dopamine is responsible for feelings of joy and mood elevation, but the benefits also extend to the midbrain, which controls long-term memory and learning.

So how can creative people engage with logical thinking without boring themselves? There are a few accessible ways to do this. Those interested in sports can try out sports betting, which challenges the mind to apply statistical information in order to make predictions about events.

Oddsmakers create sports betting odds based on data analysis, with some groups already using AI algorithms. The entire system is designed to remove objective ‘gut’ feelings and supplant them with hard facts and observations, which will challenge intuitive, creative personalities to activate their critical thinking skills. 

Practical Matters Are Made Easier

The brain may benefit from providing new stimuli, but day-to-day living is also made easier by hard logical thinking. In general, creative types are known for being messier and more scatter-brained, which can make basic tasks from finding keys to paying bills more difficult.

Though this may be a person’s natural state, there’s still a benefit in approaching life with organization in mind. There’s no need to overhaul everything—simply adopt a minimalist approach to get the left side of the brain activated.

Systems like Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method can help people re-organize their life. Her system calls for tidying by category, then identifying which items spark joy. Those that don’t bring any use or happiness should be discarded.

Thinking in the KonMari Method will activate critical thinking while living in a less cluttered space can make practical matters much smoother each day.

Feeling Empowered & Balanced

According to a study from Harvard Business Review, the happiest people in the world have more time than they do money. Most right-brained people may have already intuited this, as many prefer enriching experiences to practical affairs like building up a savings account.

However, life often requires a shrewd eye. It’s important to feel balanced and empowered no matter the situation. Fortunately for those looking to balance their cerebral hemispheres, medication is one simple way to encourage neurological equilibrium.

There’s no one-size-fits-all model for meditation, either. Sometimes, free-flow writing allows emotions to come up. But for creative, right-brained individuals, activities like those mentioned above (interacting with statistical analysis and organizing) will foster growth in the left hemisphere.

Other activities include planning out the next year in terms of goals and/or finances., reading non-fiction books, and perusing the science and business sections of the newspaper.

David Smith