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Being Around Toxic Family Members Can Cost You Your Sanity

Being Around Toxic Family Members Can Cost You Your Sanity

Toxic family members are people you call ‘family’ and who instead of loving, protecting, and supporting you, they physically, mentally, and emotionally abuse you.

Every toxic family is different. There are families where the parents are toxic, there are also families where the child is toxic, families with toxic and abusive relatives, or a combination of these types.

Oftentimes, the victim doesn’t even think that someone in their family might be abusive and toxic for them because they cannot digest the thought that someone that close to them is out there to harm them.

In situations where there is a repeated sexual or any kind of physical abuse, there is also a psychological abuse that happens, otherwise, the victim would have escaped the abuser immediately. The abuser has control and influence on their victim. The victim is left powerless in the hands of the abuser.   

If you feel abused by your family, here are some ways that will help you deal with them while protecting yourself from their toxicity.

KEEP YOUR INTERACTIONS WITH THEM CASUAL AND POLITE. It is important to only talk lightly with them and not engage yourself in long conversations because you risk being gaslighted and manipulated. Always keep your conversations light, short, and polite.

ALWAYS FIND YOUR CENTER BEFORE YOU INTERACT WITH THEM. Take the time you need to meditate, focus, and center your energy. Bring healing energy to you. Take deep breaths and remember – you have control over what you allow.

DON’T ACCUSE THEM. Don’t fight with them. Don’t engage in arguments. Leave the drama behind. Even if you do have concerns about their behavior, save them for yourself because they will shift all the blame onto you anyway. Protect your energy and your positivity.

FOCUS ON THE GOOD. After all, even the most toxic people have some good qualities. Focus on them while you are around them BUT stay VERY AWARE of their abusive and manipulative nature and don’t let them hurt you.

DON’T TRY TO PLEASE THEM. Just be yourself and follow your heart. Do what’s good for you. Don’t allow the toxic person to convince you to do things for them that you’ll regret and that will cost you something sooner or later.

LEAVE THE CONVERSATION. If you find yourself feeling bad, leave. Don’t engage in situations that don’t feel good to you. Trust your intuition.

Escaping from toxic family members can be one of the hardest things that a person can do. But, please remember that your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing are important. Protect yourself and protect your energy. Don’t risk losing your mind just because they are ‘family’ and you are bonded together. Cut the cords and focus on you.

Have you ever dealt with a toxic family member? How did you manage to escape their toxicity?

Mary Wright