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Beaming Bright: The Art of Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening products help produce a beautiful smile. Several products are offered in retail stores, but professional whitening treatments provide the best results. What should a person know before requesting this treatment? Why is professional whitening the best option?

At-Home Whitening

Countless men and women today purchase at-home whitening products. They want to save money while improving their appearance, and these products help them do so. A person can choose a custom-fitted plastic tray for this purpose. This tray contains a bleaching gel that they will wear for a few weeks.

Whitening strips are another option. A person wears them for 30 minutes to one hour each day. With regular use, the teeth whiten. The strips help remove surface stains. Paint-on gels are another option. Most people find they can use these products with no risk of damage. Nevertheless, they may experience increased tooth sensitivity or irritated gums.

Professional Whitening

The fastest way to get brilliant teeth is to visit a dentist for a teeth whitening service. The dentist applies a professional-strength peroxide-based whitening gel to the teeth. After about an hour, stains can be lightened by up to eight shades. The convenience of achieving significant whitening in one visit causes many to choose in-office treatment. However, the results come with a price, not just monetarily, but also increased risk of tooth and gum sensitivity following treatment due to the strong peroxide gels.

Other Professional Procedures

In more extreme discoloration cases, the dentist may recommend alternative professional whitening techniques. One option utilizes thin plastic strips molded to fit precisely over the teeth, each containing 10% carbamide peroxide gel worn for 30 to 60 minutes a few times per week. After the desired level of whitening has been reached, a custom-fitted clear plastic retainer is worn at night to maintain results. This gradual process provides precise whitening with less risk of irritation.

Bonding or dental veneers made of tooth-colored porcelain or composite materials are also possibilities for severe discoloration where bleach cannot sufficiently whiten and brighten the teeth. These bonding procedures alter tooth structure, require an artisan technician, and are consequently more invasive and expensive than other methods.


Whiter teeth won’t last without some help. Occasional touch-ups are needed to maintain your smile. You may even need to have repeat treatments. Creating smart oral hygiene habits can help prolong a brightened smile. Brushing promptly after meals and avoiding foods and drinks known to spot teeth prevents stains from setting in.

Using whitening toothpaste or doing an occasional brief session with at-home trays or whitening strips helps maintain a lighter shade between repeats of in-office procedures. For some, getting teeth cleaned professionally every six months removes surface stains that brushing and whitening gels cannot fully reach. With a few minor adjustments and smart maintenance habits, the investment into a whiter smile can keep teeth bright for years.

Smiling subtly lifts the moods of those around you. Over time, frequent smiling can inspire more openness and connection in your relationships and community. A brief moment of eye contact with a smile can form an initial bond between strangers. Researchers have also found that smiling reduces stress by lowering heart rate and relieving tension. In fact, the physical act of smiling can even make you feel happier as it releases endorphins. Beyond personal mood and relationships, an attractive smile can also carry professional advantages. During job interviews and work meetings, smiling shows enthusiasm which leads to more favorable impressions. Even customer-facing jobs benefit from employees who smile gracefully, as it enhances customer loyalty. Learn more about teeth whitening today to see how it changes your life. 

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