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Are There Doctors in Singapore Who Speak French?


Singapore is an expat-friendly destination. There are lots of financial opportunities, and the infrastructures are quite developed. It’s also strategically located in the central part of Southeast Asia, making it easier to access neighbouring countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia. The French are one of the most common groups of expats you will find in Singapore. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, it’s vital to get access to quality healthcare, and one of the ways you can do that is by finding doctors who speak French. (1)

doctor Where Can I Find Doctors Who Speak French in Singapore?

You can find French speaking doctors in an accredited international health clinic. As mentioned earlier, Singapore is very friendly to foreigners of all nationalities. Therefore, there are particular clinics that focus on offering healthcare services to expats, such as the French. These clinics have international doctors who are either from France or can speak fluent French.

These clinics operate similarly to other medical institutions in Singapore. The only difference is that the general practitioners speak French. Whether it’s an adult, teenager, or a child that is interested in personalised healthcare, you only have to book an appointment, and you can consult an expert physician. (2)

Why Should I Consult a French-Speaking GP?

Even though Singapore has a considerable population of French nationalities, the official languages here are; Tamil, Mandarin Chinese, Malay, and English. These are the languages that are mainly used in most health institutions.

If an individual only speaks French, there may be some language barrier when visiting these clinics. However, in a reputable international clinic with French-speaking general practice doctors, one can converse with the physicians in a language they are comfortable in.

Consultation plays a critical role in the treatment process. A doctor needs to know how you feel for them to perform a diagnosis. If you don’t speak the same language, a misdiagnosis may occur. The same is also expected if a person’s symptoms are translated from French to English or Malay. Therefore, if a French patient isn’t conversant with any of the local languages used in Singapore, it’s crucial that they consult a GP who also speaks French.

Can You Get All Medical Services from an International Clinic?

That will depend on the clinic you settle on. If you choose a reputable international clinic in Singapore, you will have access to a general practitioner skilled in providing a wide range of medical services. A GP will focus on your overall health, which is inclusive of, both mental and physical.

GPs also double as family doctors and can treat people of all ages, from adults to children. If you are a French family living in Singapore, finding a French-speaking family doctor can lead to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Besides the above, at an international clinic, you can also get travel medicine and vaccinations designed to keep you healthy as you move to other countries. Expectant mothers can also receive prenatal care and other women’s health services.


 The Bottom Line

If you are moving to Singapore from France or have already settled here with your family and are wondering whether there are doctors who speak French. We have got great news for you. When you visit a leading international clinic, you will find French-speaking GPs who will offer you and your family personalized healthcare. Even though the language is a critical factor to consider in this case, do not forget to evaluate the doctor’s training, experience, certification, and other essential traits.

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