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ADHD Parenting 101: 4 Key Tips for Raising Successful Kids with ADHD


According to the WHO, up to 20% of children and adolescents will develop a mental health issue.

Some examples include anxiety, depression, conduct disorder, and Tourette syndrome. ADHD is another possibility. In fact, it’s one of the most common childhood disorders.

Do you have a child with ADHD? Want to know how you can help them succeed in life?

If so, you’re on the right page. We’ll be going over a few ADHD parenting tips below. Keep reading to learn more! (1)

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopment disorder that’s characterized by an ongoing pattern of hyperactivity-impulsivity or inattention. As a result, an individual may have trouble sitting still or focusing their attention on a task for long periods of time.

Given that, it’s not surprising to know that it can also affect their performance in school. If anything, that’s one of the reasons why many parents turn toward private tutoring.

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ADHD Parenting: 4 Tips For Helping Your Child

Children with ADHD can thrive and enjoy a happy childhood. Here are a few ways that you can help them.

1. Encourage Exercise

Physical activity is a great way for your child to burn off their excess energy. Not only that, but it can help improve their concentration and attention.

In fact, studies have shown that those who exercise are less likely to get into trouble for disruptive behaviors such as hitting, name-calling, or talking out of turn.

2. Regulate Their Sleep Pattern

Lack of sleep can exacerbate hyperactivity, inattention, and recklessness. That’s why it’s so important to help your child get a good night’s sleep.

As it is, there are many ways that you can do this. For one thing, it helps to stick to a regular bedtime schedule. Using a weighted blanket can also help as it promotes relaxation.

3. Follow a Routine

Make a routine for your child and stick to it—that is, you want to set a time and place for everything including homework, meals, and play. That way, they’ll be able to understand and meet their expectations.

Even simple tasks, such as having them lay out their clothes for the next morning can help create structure.

4. Help Them Eat Right

While diet might not be a direct cause of ADHD, it can affect your child’s mental state. Ideally, you want to provide them with fresh foods at regular meal times.

If necessary, you can also give them a vitamin supplement. Avoid junk food, especially those that contain high amounts of sugar as they can lead to distractedness and impulsiveness.

Helping Your Child Cope With ADHD

And there we have it—a short ADHD parenting guide. As you can see, you can help your child in various ways. If anything, the most important thing is to believe in them!

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