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A Visit to an Erectile Dysfunction Clinic San Diego – Here’s What Will Most Likely Happen

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Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most pressing but embarrassing conditions for men. As such ac condition also affects the egos of some, their search for proper treatment is oftentimes hindered and they would sometimes end up settling with quick but wrong solutions like enhancement pills.

The truth is, ED is not a condition that can vanish on its own and it can take a toll both physically and emotionally. Hence, men with ED would easily get angry, sad, and frustrated. Lack of confidence is also a common effect. Nonetheless, the right treatment for ED is easily accessible. The proper way through it necessitates intervention, medical advice, and prescriptions of a licensed physician.

It takes an open and thorough discussion of what ED is about, transparency, and communication of an ED patient’s concern for a less stressful, easier, and effective treatment to be facilitated. If you are living in San Diego, fortunately for you, it is easy finding an Erectile Dysfunction Clinic San Diego that will guide you out of your depressing situation. 

How an Erectile Dysfunction Clinic San Diego Can Help?

The experts encourage ED patients to seek proper medication. It is a condition that must not be dealt with on your own because: first, it can be treated; second, your ED may just be an indication of a more pressing health condition; and third, you might need more than an ED treatment.

Depending on the degree of your ED condition, it can be addressed by simple pill prescriptions in the form of injectable, suppositories, or through surgical penile implants or vacuum pump procedure where basically, the blood flow to the penis is boosted. Or, it can indicate more serious health problems that may not have had posed other symptoms like artery hardening, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The longer you address your ED problem, the more it might demand advanced treatments like radiation therapy and prostate surgery.

Once you have booked with an Erectile Dysfunction Clinic San Diego, the next thing you should do before the scheduled visit is to make a list of information your doctor will need for the assessment. This should disclose a list of all the drugs you have taken, e.g. the prescribed ones, over the counter drugs, supplements, vitamins, and herbal remedies. The list should also include the facts about your symptoms, i.e. when it started, how frequent it happens or if it happens only under specific circumstances, your emotional status and well-being, and your alcohol and cigarette vices (if there are any). Because it demands your transparency and honesty on the matter, finding a doctor that you are truly comfortable with is vital. It is also best if you take your partner with you as a support.

The actual visit will involve a preliminary check-up where your ED doctor will try to investigate its cause which may also arrive from anxiety, stress, or depression. In that case, your doctor will refer you to a licensed mental health professional where you can discuss and address the matters in the open. During the session, you will want to seek answers to the matters below:

  1. The possible causes of your ED
  2. The duration of your symptoms (Will they last longer or are they just temporary?)
  3. Your course of treatment and treatment options.
  4. Your plan B if the treatments did not work.
  5. Your degree of need to see another specialist.
  6. What you need to change to address ED, e.g. lifestyle

It is normal to feel shy at first but do not worry; doctors are seasoned at handling ED concerns. They are the right person to talk to about your problem. You may start the talk by saying how you think you may have ED. Your doctor will then ask you about your medical history to know more about your conditions, symptoms, and medicines. The questions tend to get more personal as you go along. He will ask you about your erection, your organ’s firmness level when you are having sex, and the problems you face related to it while the sex or masturbation is ongoing. Your doctor may also ask whether you have ever woken up with an erected sexual organ.

You will also be asked whether you smoke or drink and how frequently you do it if you do. And then a physical exam follows after where you will be thoroughly checked including your penis and prostate. Besides this, some blood and lab tests may also be conducted for your doctor to see if you have heart disease or diabetes. Your doctor will then refer you to a urologist if you need to undergo more tests. The doctor will ask the same set of questions and you will have to repeat your answers. This time, you will have been more comfortable talking about the matter. (1)

What Happens After 

Whether you will just do good with prescription drugs or you need to undergo surgeries and therapies as a treatment, the problem will surely reoccur if you continue doing the don’ts that trigger your ED conditions:

  1. Drinking Excessively.
  2. Opening risks to conditions that may lead to ED

Chain smokers are highly likely to get ED because nicotine that smokers inhale can clog the blood vessels, hindering the blood flow that is needed to trigger an erection. Smoking also toughens the arteries of the heart. The chances of suffering from ED, in this case, can consequently increase.   

Excessive alcohol and food intake can also enhance your chances of having erectile dysfunction. Nonetheless, a treated ED will less likely reoccur if you follow proper food diet and you work out daily. 

When to Book a Visit in ED Clinic San Diego

Like with any other health condition, a small delay in treatment can worsen the problem. Hence, it is vital to act immediately once you notice ED symptoms:

not getting an erection while having sex or masturbation; being unable to keep an erection while you are on it; and/or, not getting an erection every time you are supposed to. (2)

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