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A Strong Woman Would Rather Be Single Than Waste Her Time With A Toxic Man


This world is filled with amazing, strong women who are changing it in the most beautiful way. These ladies are not afraid to speak up and stand up for themselves and the whole womenkind. They believe in themselves, they believe in their abilities and they don’t allow anyone to walk over them.

They are a true inspiration. Dreamers. Go-getters. Strong, brave and confident. Able to accomplish everything they set their mind on. They know with hard work and determination anything is possible. They are willing to go the extra mile and they only satisfy with the best.

And even though there are many words to describe these women, they will never allow anyone to label them by whoever they are in a relationship with. They have their own strong personalities and don’t let other people define who they are. They refuse to accept other’s expectations of them, and this is true for the men they choose to date.

Strong women have immense power because they know they are perfectly fine on their own. They are independent, self-sufficient ladies who don’t depend on other people’s approval. Their self-esteem is never affected based on what someone thinks of them or whether they have a partner or not.

They know that real happiness exists within and if they are not happy on their own, it doesn’t matter if they have a man or not – they will still be unhappy. On the other hand, when they are truly happy and fulfilled like they are, a man is only an addition to their happiness.

Because you can’t love anyone and be happy without first loving yourself and finding happiness on your own.

These women have had their share of bad relationships with toxic men. That’s why they know that those kinds of relationships are only wasted time and effort because they will never lead to anything good. They value themselves and their time and therefore, they will never waste it with someone who is not good for them and who can’t make them happy.

Because a strong woman knows her worth and she doesn’t let anyone bring her down. Especially not a man who doesn’t deserve her time, love, and attention.

A strong woman prefers to be alone than have a partner who will dim her light with his toxicity. She will rather be single and take on the world with her own hands than being tied down to someone who doesn’t allow her to grow.

A strong woman is an unstoppable force and we need more women like her.

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Mary Wright