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A Smile Goes A Long Way When Dealing With Rude People


We have become a nation that hides behind Instagram and Facebook’s ‘perfect’ pictures and filters. We have become so obsessed with appearance that we’ve lost the touch with reality. And it seems that we tend to forget that sometimes the happiest façade hides the evilest intentions.

In a world where rudeness has become so common, it is essential to know how to deal with it and cut off those who don’t respect you. And a smile can really go a long way.

When someone is rude to us, our primal survival instinct is to get angry and fight back. But, if you smile instead, you will confuse the person who has offended you because they are not expecting a smile. That will make them question themselves and perhaps realize their fault.

When your boss hurls piles and piles of work at you, or your friend picks up a fight with you, don’t lose your temper. Stay calm, cool, and collected. Don’t get angry. Instead, respond to them with a sincere smile on your face. Then wait until they come back to their senses and realize their mistakes.

The fast-growing technology has changed everything. We have become so accustomed to getting everything fast that we have lost our ability to wait in good hope. That’s why we often react to rudeness with rudeness thus forming a never-ending spiral of negativity.

However, if we were to wait and let the negative feelings and anger to subside, we would have been able to get the real picture for the person in front of us and understand their motives. Because more often than not, the anger has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with their unhealed wounds or something they are going through.

That’s why it is very important to try and understand the other person’s perspective of the situation. Being able to get out of your comfort zone and walk into someone else’s shoes for a moment is everything.

When you are in a situation like that, you can always take the high road and simply walk away or stay and let the arrows of rudeness come at you. You must let go of your rage by simply refusing to get into the fight and saying a simple ‘thank you’ the rude person.

By saying ‘thank you’ you will show them that you are a more mature person than they are. Because you have not retorted to the rudeness but at the same time you haven’t ignored it. You have acknowledged it, but you didn’t let it bother you.

Life is short. Why not smile and decide not to deal with rude behavior? Anger and resentment shouldn’t have a place in your heart. Live your life in happiness, peace, and contentment.

Mary Wright