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A Narcissist Who Has Lost Control Over Their Victim Is Capable Of Doing Anything To Bring Them Back


Some people are using the term ‘narcissist’ to refer to any kind of person who has selfish tendencies or is self-absorbed. However, the terms ‘narcissist’ and ‘narcissism’ should not be used loosely because they signify a more serious condition.

The narcissist lacks the complete ability to empathize with other people. The narcissist sees other people only as puppets that they use for their purposes solely. And after they are done with them, after the narcissist gets what they want – they ditch their victim like a piece of garbage.

But the narcissist succeeds in all of this because they are a master manipulator. They use deceit, lies, and exploitation to fool others. Here’s how they take advantage of their victims.

Emotional puppeteering – the narcissist uses this technique that is commonly known as ‘triangulation’ as a means of gaining control over their victim. The narcissist will casually bring another person into the mix to provoke jealousy and to remain in control.

Cognitive dissonance – the narcissist knows why they do the things they do. They are self-aware of their toxic behavior and that’s why they need to wear a mask to remain normal to the outside world. Sadly, their victims try to rationalize the narcissist’s behavior with the loving, caring, and empathic picture that they have created for themselves.

Idealization, devaluation, discard – in the beginning, the narcissist starts idealizing their victim and making them feel like they are the most important person to the narcissist. This idealization phase involves flattery and praise. Then, after the victim is mesmerized, the devaluation phase begins. The narcissist will then criticize and insult the victim for everything they do until they completely discard them.

And even after the narcissist discards the victim, they still want to think that the victim will always be there for them. However, when the narcissist realizes that the victim is gone forever and that they have lost all the power over them, that’s when the narcissist throws a tantrum of rage.

If you find yourself in a relationship like this, WALK AWAY! Save yourself and WALK AWAY! The narcissist will never change. They will destroy your life the way they see fit. Don’t allow them. Protect yourself.

Mary Wright