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A Loyal Man Is Someone Who Never Makes You Doubt His Love For You

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A loyal man never makes you doubt his love for you. He never makes you wonder where your relationship is headed. He never makes you wonder where you stand with him. Why?

Because he wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s not ashamed or afraid to express his feelings. He’s not ashamed to undress his soul in front of you. He has no problem telling you those three magical words I love you ten times a day.

A loyal man never makes you feel like you have to compete for his love. Because he never compares you to other women. He never makes you feel like you are not good enough for him. He never makes you think he deserves someone better than you.

A loyal man values you for more than just your body. He values you for your kindness, for your compassionate nature, for your sense of humor, for your genuineness, for your craziness, for your pure soul, for your big heart.

A loyal man knows that intimacy is about more than just having sex. Real intimacy is about emotional closeness. It’s about closeness between two people who love each other truly and unconditionally. It’s about unflagging support and trust. It’s about accepting each other’s feelings. It’s about knowing that your significant other will always be there for you. And it is what builds over time as you care about each other. 

A loyal man encourages you to accept and love yourself the way you are. He makes you realize that your weaknesses and imperfections don’t define who you are. And he never makes you doubt your qualities and strength. He never makes you doubt your worth, because he knows you’re more than good enough just the way you are.

A loyal man lets you see both good and bad sides of him. He lets you see the sides of him that he hides from others. He lets you see his vulnerabilities, his weaknesses, his fears. He lets you see what he carries in his soul.

A loyal man thinks of you when you’re not around. He calls you and texts you to ask how you are and what you’re doing when he’s out with his friends. And he doesn’t go to bed before you text him, I arrived home safe, when you’re out with your friends.

A loyal man brags about you. He enjoys talking about you to his buddies and family because he’s proud of you. He’s proud of everything you are and everything you’ve achieved in life. And he wants everyone to know that you’re a couple. He wants everyone to know how happy he is for having such an amazing person like you are in his life.

A loyal man answers your calls and responds to your messages without leaving you to wait for hours. Because he doesn’t want you to worry. He doesn’t want you to doubt him.

A loyal man is someone you can always trust. Because honesty is what he values most. Because he can’t stand lies. And because he respects you enough to tell you the truth, even when it’s bitter and painful. Even when you are not ready to accept it.

A loyal man is someone who loves you honestly, deeply, selflessly, and unconditionally. He’s someone who makes sure you know you’re the only one his heart beats wildly for.

Riley Cooper