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9 Frequently Asked About Substance Abuse Addiction And Recovery


Substance abuse!

This is one of the most common issues that adult people or teens are suffering from in the United States Of America. Studies have shown that 10% of the USA population is suffering from addiction issues. 

When it comes to the basic idea and knowledge about substance abuse, most of us do not have any of them. We consider addiction as just a “bad habit.” But in reality, addiction is a particular health condition. It is all about developing an emotional, mental, and physical dependency towards a particular substance.  

9 Frequently Asked About Substance Abuse Addiction And Recovery

In case you or any of your loved ones are suffering from substance abuse, we know a lot of queries and doubts automatically arise. At the same time, it is a must to know the proper answers to those questions so that you or your loved one can come out of the addiction.  

That is why, here, in this article, we are going to answer some of the most common or frequently asked questions. You can get more detailed information about substance abuse and its recovery on Infinite Recovery ideas. Let’s start with the definition of addiction. 

FAQ 1: What Is Addiction?

When a person continues to engage in a particular behavior with difficulty moderating or stopping, addiction occurs. Addiction includes compulsive engagement in the behavior, for example, gambling or drinking alcohol, or taking drugs. 

A really common cornerstone of any type of addiction or substance abuse is engagement in the addictive behavior, in spite of knowing the adverse consequences, like deterioration of relationship financial troubles, legal issues, health concerns, career problems. 

FAQ 2: Why Do People Become Addicted?

There is not only one particular reason for a person becoming addicted to anything. Basically, there are two primary factors, why someone gets addicted to any substance. They are environmental factors and genetic factors.  

Environmental factors are obviously the situation or environment around the person that is influencing or pushing an individual to become addicted to a substance. On the other hand, if there is a past family history of addiction, a person becomes more prone to become addicted. 

FAQ 3: What Is The Worst Addiction?

As we have mentioned earlier, when a person develops a dependence on any substance, it is categorized as an addiction. Several types of addiction are there, such as Adderall addiction, Cocaine addiction, alcohol addiction, technology addiction, gambling addiction, food addiction, sex addiction, and many more. 

There is no “worse” addiction in particular. However, there are some more deadly addictions; for example, heroin or alcohol addiction is more deadly and severe than video game addiction. 

FAQ 4: Can You Get Addicted If You Do It Just Once?

For drug addiction, this specific question is too common. Just a single use of any substance does contribute to chemical changes in the brain, but an individual does not develop a dependency or become addicted after a single-use. 

However, the single use of any substance might offer a pleasant experience that the person wants to feel again, and they continue doing that. Eventually, they become addicted to the substance. (1)

FAQ 5: How Do You Know If Someone Is Addicted?

When it comes to addiction or substance abuse, there are different severity levels, from mild and moderate to severe. You can check for the following signs or symptoms to know whether someone has addiction issues. 

  • Spend a lot of time engaging in a particular behavior. 
  • Have thought about quitting the behavior several times but failed. 
  • Want to engage in behavior so badly that I could not think of anything else. 
  • Engaging in behavior often interferes with taking care of your family or home. 

FAQ 6: Can Addiction Lead To Mental Health Disorders?

The answer to this question is a big YES. Addiction can actually lead to various types of mental health concerns, like anxiety and depression, along with other psychological problems. In some particular instances, mental health issues could be the reason for only the influence of alcohol or drug addiction. 

At the same time, mental health issues can even last longer and develop a long-term health concern. 

FAQ 7: Is Addiction Treatable?

Yes, addiction can definitely be treated, but there is no permanent cure to that. When the individual has abstained from their specific addictive behavior for dorm time, the addiction can go into remission. But a chance of recurrence always stays there. 

With the help of trained and specialized medical supervision, you can quit addiction if you really want to. At the same time, several triggers always stay there to turn you into an addicted individual once again. 

FAQ 8: What Do I Do If My Loved One Is Addicted?

Trust us, addiction or substance abuse is progressive, chronic, and also can be fatal. That is why individuals always support and encourage their loved ones to get the necessary support. In order to come out of addiction, a recovery treatment procedure is a must.  If they are addicted to opioids, a visit to a toronto methadone clinic might be necessary, where they will get an individualized treatment plan to help them recover.

Apart from that, they need you to understand them and be supportive of them. This plays a huge role in the addiction recovery treatment. 

FAQ 9: How Can I Support Someone with an Addiction?

Always remember getting a person sober or getting them to stop destroying their lives is not at all your job. Taking care of yourself is your ultimate job. In case a person is really willing to quit their addictive behavior and wants to come out sober, you need to help them. 

Here, by saying help, we mean you need to assist them by providing the information about a recovery treatment center and always being supportive towards them. 

Final Talks

We believe after going through this article, you have already got the answers to most of the doubts you have in your mind regarding substance abuse and its recovery. Still, if you have any other doubts or queries, always feel free to reach us. We will try to come up with a reliable solution as soon as possible. 

Till the time, help yourself or your loved ones to come out of the darkness of addiction. Get the necessary treatment and become sober. 

Happy recovery.

Felicia Wilson


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