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8 Things That Introverts Find Absolutely Ridiculous


“Why are introverts so reserved?” Some of you might ask. “They seem so unapproachable and disdain.” These are probably, the most common labels that are put on pretty much every introvert out there.

Introverts are challenging people and can be very enigmatic. Extroverted people will need to put extra attention if they want to actually understand them.

Hopefully, I am here to help. So, let me present to you the 8 things that introverts find absolutely ridiculous and why is that. (1)

1. Under the spotlight

This is literally the worst thing that any introvert can experience. The anxiety will kick in hard. Introverts don’t like to be the center of attention, to receive superficial compliments, and to be praised. It’s not part of their nature and who they want to be. So please, never do this to them because of the reaction that you will receive is going to be disappointing.   

2. Unwanted embrace

Introverts have a high dosage of respect for a person’s private space. Naturally, they expect the same from people they just met, colleagues and acquaintances. They love to hug and cuddle, but only with people, they know really well.

3. Crowded clubs

Introverts, clubbing, and parties. These three words don’t mix very well. Being highly sensitive to loud noises and anxious to be in cramped environments, introverts are likely to avoid this type of nightlife. They prefer the company of a small circle of friends, combined with meaningful interactions.

4. Occasional chitchat

 And then again, this is why some people perceive them as rude, or even arrogant. Small talk isn’t and probably will never be part of their agenda. They may force themselves to answer those irrelevant questions, but the whole process is just too painful to endure.

5. Roommates

This may be hard to digest for people that are used of living with a bunch of roommates, but for introverts, this is a big NO. Whether they are working in an office, teaching, or having an unusual job, when they finally get home, they just want to be alone, which should be understandable. Besides, being alone and watching your favorite show on Netflix, doesn’t sound that bad, right?

6. The “shy” label

I often wonder, what makes people believe that introverts are that shy. I guess extroverts are used of a completely different form of interaction. So, meeting a new person that is quite reserved and not willing to talk just about anything, makes them confused. Introverts speak their minds without fear but chose to do so only on specific subjects. (2)

7. Phone calls

Your introverted friend does not answer the phone when you call? Well, don’t feel offended. It’s not rudeness, it’s only a lack of communication skills. While you might want to share the news with them eagerly, they are possibly drowning in their own thoughts and would rather chat about something more purposeful.

8. People that think introversion is SAD

You might never be able to understand an introvert, except if you are an introvert yourself. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, introverts hate being labeled. So far, we’ve learned that introverts are not that shy, they like to talk but only on meaningful subjects, and most important of all, they are thrilled to socialize but only within a small circle of friends.

So, why is introversion perceived as being bad then? We might never learn, but in my humble opinion, I think they are quite superior. (3)

David Smith