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8 Things All Toxic People Have In Common


Have you met a toxic person? If you have, then you probably know how emotionally draining and difficult they are. Dealing with them is one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever have to face. It will exhaust you and push you to your limits.  

Here are 8 things that all toxic people have in common that you should be aware of.  

1. They Are Manipulators  

The agenda of all toxic people is to manipulate other people into doing what they want. It is always about them. They use others to fulfill their selfish needs and leave them the second they get what they want from them. If you are looking for an equal give and take in this relationship, these people are not people for you.  

2. They Never Apologize  

They don’t even feel a need to do so because in their mind it is always someone else’s fault. And many times, they try to present themselves as victims just to gain sympathy from others in order to manipulate them further and toy with their emotions. 


3. They Are Judgmental  

They are always criticizing you and everything you do. Everything that goes wrong in your connection it’s because of what you do, how you are, and what you don’t do. It’s always about you and never about them.  

4. They Are Immature And Irresponsible  

They never take responsibility for their actions and feelings. Rather, they have a tendency to project their immature and insecure feelings onto you. And God forbid you try to call them out on this, they will immediately refuse whatever you are saying and make you feel guilty for bringing it up. 

5. They Make You Feel Like You Should Prove Yourself To Them  

When you are with them, you always feel as if you are walking on eggshells. Nothing you do or say is ever good for them. They suck your energy and make you feel like you should always prove yourself to them. Moreover, they always make you choose them over your closest friend and family and separate you from your loved ones.  

6. They Are Inconsistent 

You are never sure where you stand with them because they always change their behavior and their nature. One day everything is okay, and the next they are mad at you for no reason. Their inconsistent behavior is hard to deal with and will rob you of your happiness.  

7. They Gaslight You 

They constantly blame you, guilt trip you, and make you defend yourself.  Remember, these people are the ultimate manipulators. They will play with your mind and gaslight you to the point that you stop believing in your own eyes and question your reality. 

8. They Are Not Empathetic Or Interested In The Things That Are Important To You 

In fact, they will hate you if you are happy and more successful than them. Whenever you redirect your attention from them and onto you, they will get angry because they are hungry for attention. They lack compassion, empathy, and other noble feelings.  

Mary Wright