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8 Reasons Why Introverts Are So Irresistible


I’m sure the first thought that pops in your mind when you hear the word introvert is of a person who is shy, quiet, reserved, and aloof. But, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, introverts are very irresistible, they just don’t put their attractiveness and charm on display.

Introverts are real proof that you don’t have to be the life and soul of the party to be attractive. However, this is not to say that introverts don’t like going out or having friends. The thing is that these people are inwardly oriented and they simply enjoy their own company. They don’t need to be surrounded by a bunch of people and go out to clubs every weekend to feel confident, lively, and joyful.

In this world where everyone tries to fit into social groups and meet other people’s expectations of them, introverts simply don’t follow this trend. They know who they are and they stick to their values and principles. They’re rare gems.

There’re many reasons why introverts are so irresistible beings, and in what follows, I’ll present the 8 most important ones.

Here they are:

1. They are a real mystery.

They tend to listen more than talk, so getting to know a person who is an introvert can feel like you’re solving a mystery. And this is what actually makes you love being around them and feel curious to find out what’s going on in their mind.

While their mysteriousness is one of the reasons why they’re so fascinating and irresistible, it’s also the reason why they’re often misunderstood by the gregarious, outgoing people in our society.

2. It feels really good to have them around.

Introverts don’t let people into their life that easily. But, once they let you in their world and become comfortable with you, you’ll realize that they’re some of the loveliest and friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

It’s true that they like to spend less time with other people, but once they find someone they truly care about, they’re willing to invest all their love, time, and energy in them.

They make close connections with only a few people, so if you happen to have a friend, a relative, or a partner who is an introvert, you can consider yourself lucky.

3. They are amazing listeners.

Living in a world where most people are focused on what’s going on in their own mind rather than on listening to what the other person has to say, having an introvert in our lives makes everything a lot easier. Unlike other people, an introverted person will listen to you with the intent to understand what you have to say, not with the intent to respond or give you advice.

Being an amazing listener, an introvert makes you feel comfortable to share with them your opinions, dreams, deepest fears, and problems, without worrying they might judge and criticize you.

4. They know themselves very well.

Introverts know who they are and what matters in their life. They have strong moral beliefs and principles and they always act in accordance with them.

They know what they want and don’t want in life. They have confidence in themselves and they don’t seek the approval of other people. Their self-awareness and self-esteem undoubtedly make these unique people not only irresistible but inspiring too.

5. They are hyper-observant.

Introverts are keenly observant of everything that surrounds them. They notice things that most people don’t see. They absorb information from every person they encounter and every single thing around them. They can see opportunities in places that most people often miss.

By the way you look and hold your body, an introvert can even tell how you feel and what you want even when you haven’t said that aloud.

6. They are careful of what they say.

Is there anything that can make you look unattractive, stupid, and even repulsive faster than when you say inappropriate or rude stuff? Well, introverts will never place themselves in such a situation because they think twice before they speak.

Moreover, they’ll speak only if they have something important to say. They’ll share information with you only if they think it’s useful, interesting, and worthy of sharing.

7. They are creative.

There’s a number of studies that show that the most extraordinarily creative people in many fields are those who are introverted. The reason for their great creativity is solitude.

Introverts enjoy spending time on their own. They love the freedom and privacy this gives them. In the state of solitude, they reflect on their own thoughts and everything that surrounds them. They think of new patterns and ways to create something new and extraordinary.

8. They are knowledgeable and smart.

Introverts enjoy reading and studying. They love learning new facts about different things in the world.

This quality makes an introvert the ideal person to have a conversation with because they’re intellectually stimulating. Through these meaningful and interesting conversations, they can offer you new perspectives on the world, inspire you to read, and ignite a thirst for knowledge in you.

And you might say that they’re the greatest bookworms, but in these modern times, being smart is the new sexy, right?

Riley Cooper