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7 Things A Fierce Woman Will Always Demand From A Relationship


It’s a sad reality that so many women around the world enter into relationships that don’t suit them. They settle for far less than they deserve and normally end up miserable because of it. Although they should receive so much more from their partners, they haven’t yet found the strength to demand what they deserve.

A strong woman, however, knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Here are 7 things a fierce woman will always demand from a relationship.

1. Mutual Respect

A woman like her knows that she’s deserving of respect and she won’t settle for anything less. That’s true for everyone that she encounters, but it’s especially important for her when it comes to her significant other. As well as that, she needs to have respect for them too if the relationship is going to work out.

2. Unshakable Trust

She’s been in relationships before where her partner would lie to her and take her for a fool. Now, she’s not going to put up with those kinds of games. Without a strong foundation of trust, the entire relationship will crumble. So, if she can’t trust them, she’s leaving.

3. Her Independence

Being in a relationship means sharing your life with another person. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to give up your own independence entirely. This is a woman who values her freedom and the ability to do her own thing sometimes. Although that may change when she’s with someone, she won’t let it change completely.

4. Effective Communication

The silent treatment is a big no-no for her. Likewise, she’s not going to accept brushing problems under the rug because she knows that that will make things worse in the long run. What’s important to her is that she and her partner can speak openly to one another about everything. As well as that, compromise is also vital.

5. Effort on Both Sides

This is a partnership, not a one-sided relationship. Since she cares about making it work, she’s going to put in her fair share of hard work. However, if her significant other isn’t making the same effort, she won’t bother anymore. She sees no point of staying with someone who isn’t dedicated to keeping the relationship strong.

6. Real Passion

Some things in relationships are absolutely crucial – security, warmth, and affection for starters. However, there is one thing that people often overlook. Passion is something that is so vital to a relationship, yet people often forget what it really means. When a strong woman is interested in someone, she won’t dare enter a relationship with them without real passion.

7. To Feel Loved

It’s such a fundamental part of romance, yet so many people settle without it. This woman, however, won’t settle. She wants to feel truly and deeply loved by her partner, not just liked or admired. Likewise, she never wants to have to question whether her significant other truly loves her or not.

Becoming a strong woman doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something that takes time, patience, and a huge amount of soul-searching. So, don’t feel down on yourself if you haven’t yet demanded these things from your relationships. Although you may not have before, you can decide to be strong and stand up for what you deserve.

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