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7 Hardest Parts Of Living As An Empath – Number 4 Will Leave You In Tears


As an empath, you have the wonderful ability to understand those around you more than most people can. You can learn to care for others and heal them. Unfortunately, this ability also comes with a dark side. It can cause huge challenges in your life that can be difficult to overcome.

Empaths face a lot of personal obstacles that people on the outside wouldn’t even see. Although there are a lot of difficulties that you can face if you have these abilities, these are the 7 hardest parts of living as an empath – number 4 will leave you in tears.

1. You’re Hurt Easily

Things that wouldn’t phase most people can easily upset or offend you. You’re hypersensitive and find that people often hurt you, even without meaning to. Some people say that you’re just overreacting, but you have a more heightened sensitivity than others.

2. Crowded Places Overwhelm You

Being around so many people at once can be too much for you. When you’re in a crowd, you quickly become mentally exhausted. The only thing that you can do for yourself when this happens is to take some time alone, away from everyone else’s energy.

3. And Loud Noises are Too Much Too

In a noisy room, you feel lost. When too many sounds are surrounding you, you can be completely unable to find your peace. Just like crowds, noises drain you emotionally and force you to take a break from the world in order to recharge. If you don’t, you’ll be left completely burnt out.

4. You Love Hard, and Often End Up Heartbroken

You don’t let people in easily. If you allow someone to come into your life, it’s because you believe that they deserve your love and compassion. When you love someone, you love passionately, but sometimes the other person doesn’t have the same intentions for you. You can have your heart broken again and again, but you’ll still want someone to share your heart with.

5. You Find it Hard to Deal With Your Emotions

Most of the time, you feel that there’s an imbalance of your inner emotions. You can feel so many different things at once that you often can’t even decipher what it is that you’re feeling. Because of this, you might end up trying to deal with your emotions in unhealthy ways that can then lead to far worse problems.

6. Some People Take Too Much

You give and you give and sometimes don’t know when to stop. Being so caring is a wonderful trait to have, but there are people out there who’ll take advantage of it. They’ll take everything that you have from you and never thank you or give you anything in return.

7. People Think You Can Just “Stop” Being Sensitive

One of the hardest parts of being an empath is when the people around you don’t understand you. They think that you can simply shut off your emotions. If you don’t, they’ll accuse you of being too sensitive or overdramatic. When people react this way, it can leave you feeling isolated from the world.

Being an empath is hard. Sometimes, you can feel like you want to get rid of that part of you, but you can’t. Even though it’s difficult sometimes, you can’t simply stop being an empath.

When you’re feeling down, remember to focus on the good in your life. You are a wonderful, kind, caring person and you deserve all the best out of life.

Share this article with any empaths that you know and see if they agree that these are the hardest obstacles to overcome.

Eva Jackson