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7 Best Transcription Services for Transcribing Your Podcast


Podcasting is a special format for transmitting information in the form of audio files to provide people with information of interest. As a way of distributing media files, the concept of “podcasting” first appeared in 2004, when bloggers posted audio files with notes on the Internet instead of text recordings.

Key Benefits of Podcasts Compared to Other Types of Content

Unlike short viral videos on YouTube or TikTok, a podcast involves a deeper immersion in content. We are unlikely to accidentally listen to an excerpt from a podcast somewhere on the Web and decide that we like it, as is often the case with videos.

The regular listeners of the podcast are really interested people. It is the so-called loyal audience. According to the professional experts of the human transcription service transcriberry.com, such an audience needs to get the opportunity to both listen to the podcast and read it. Transcription services are actively used for this purpose today. Thanks to the high quality of podcast audio and text, the emotional connection is inevitably established between the listener/reader and the podcaster. If a podcast is truly exciting, then waiting for a new release is comparable to waiting for the next episode of a favorite television series.

80% of the audience listen to the episodes to the end, despite the fact that their average length is from thirty to sixty minutes. To achieve the same number of visual content searches, video needs to be truly innovative!

Another advantage of podcasts is the ability to listen to them without interrupting your daily activities. That is, while jogging, driving a car, before going to bed, during routine tasks like washing dishes or preparing food. And for this, you only need a regular smartphone with an installed application for running a podcast on Shoping.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, podcasts have become another way to feel safe and expand the boundaries of the world, so as not to feel completely isolated from it. For many people, they have become a real salvation.

Podcast Creator Tools & Features

The microphone is the most important podcast creation tool. There is no upper limit on quality or hardware costs. But for aspiring podcast creators, a USB microphone is a great option.

The way you sit, stand, and speak into a microphone can affect sound quality. Therefore, keep still and distance from the microphone, without complicating the subsequent installation with your movements.

To turn raw audio files into full-fledged releases, you also need editing software such as a digital sound workstation. While some high-quality podcasts use sophisticated software, podcasts can also be created quite successfully with simpler programs.

Your recording needs to be promoted somewhere. You need a website, RSS feed, and hosting service for your audio podcast. The WordPress website is usually sufficient. And setting up an RSS feed is done in a similar way. For hosting, services such as Libsyn and Blubrry can be used. They allow hosting episodes of your audio podcast for a reasonable fee. You can store releases on your own site. But when your files are downloaded a little more actively, this will lead to a significant slowdown in traffic. Hosting services can work around this problem by providing custom plugins.

You can add opening and closing music to your recording. However, pay attention that music may be copyrighted. Stock audio services have a lot of free music that can be a great accompaniment to your audio file.

Best Audio Podcast Transcribing Services: Why Should You Transcribe a Podcast to Text?

All of the above indicates that it is very important to purchase the equipment to make podcasts successfully. Finding a website where you can publish your podcasts is a must. You also should think about how to get the most subscribers and coverage. And in this case, as we noted earlier, help can be obtained from a service that provides audio to text transcribing. Here are the benefits of getting audio transcription online:

  • Ability to quickly search for podcasts. To date, Google and other search engines cannot scan the Internet for audio content. By transcribing podcasts, you can make them searchable;
  • Rating increase. Transcription helps increase SEO and Google rankings, which attracts more target audiences and generates more revenue;
  • Podcast availability for different categories of people. Many people have hearing problems. If you don’t offer them a transcript of your podcast, all these potential listeners won’t hear what you want to tell. Don’t exclude these people from your audience;
  • More posts on social networks. By representing a transcript of your audio file on social media, you will draw the attention of many potential listeners to your recording;
  • Content reuse. You can use decryption to generate new and original content. For example, if you have a blog, you can use quotes or excerpts from your audio and embed them in your blog.

Below you will find information on the top 7 best services that will help with translating your audio file into text.


Transcriberry is rightfully called the most trustworthy today. That is why it ranks first in our ranking of the top audio and video to text transcription services. Its uniqueness is that it combines manual and automated speech recognition technology, thus achieving a perfect transcription in each particular case.

Here are the advantages of transcriberry.com over the other platforms offering similar services:

  • Accurate recognition. The finished text is as close as possible to the content of the sound recording, regardless of the presence of interference or problems with sound;
  • Correct structure. After transcribing the record, a well-structured text with logical parts, paragraphs, lists, enumerations, and direct speech is obtained;
  • High-quality editing. The finished material consists of concise sentences, legible phrases, intelligible semantic phrases;
  • Transcription of complex files. The presence of background noise, the presence of multiple speakers speaking, or a fast flow of speech, etc. are not hindrances to decoding.

Podcast creators usually choose Transcriberry for the following reasons:

  1. Complex work. It helps to decrypt audio files with multiple voices, audio noise, or technical terms;
  2. Professional editing. In addition to the verbatim transcription of video recordings, professional proofreading services with the use of various editing tools are provided for texts of any complexity and volume;
  3. Various topics. Service specialists can decrypt any audio files, regardless of the complexity of their topic;
  4. High confidentiality. All work on decrypting recordings is performed by experienced experts. The information is kept confidential. Secure channels for Internet connections are used;
  5. Business cooperation. The service provides round-the-clock support. There are flexible prices and good discounts for regular customers.


This service offers automatic and manual transcription of recordings in English preferred by speakers from North America. To receive a transcription, you just need to upload your audio file and wait a while. Be sure to get automatic decryption with up to 95% accuracy as a Word document within 30-35 minutes after downloading. Accuracy drops due to sound quality, speaker accent, and noise. Manual transcription is usually performed during 36 hours and is 99% accurate. Either way, you receive time stamped files with implemented speaker tracking.

Regardless of the method chosen, Scribie charges a per-minute fee for transcription. Some additional charges apply for transcription when the speaker has a distinctive non-American accent. This is also provided in cases when the recording quality is poor or there is background noise.


If you’re looking for more than just transcribing a podcast, Rev may be suitable for you. It offers manual transcripts with 99% accuracy or automated recognition of text with up to 85% accuracy.

The advantage of Rev is that it offers subtitles in a variety of languages, including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and so on. This is a good opportunity for hearing impaired people to get familiar with the content. There also are several other characteristics of the service. For example, automatic subtitle services help are very useful for Zoom meetings. Using real-time voice recording and various transcription applications (with artificial intelligence), you can easily record a file and send it to Rev for transcription right away. This is the feature most appreciated by users.


Temi is a well-known automated transcription service. It processes audio and video files, ensuring transcript accuracy of up to 90%. But there is one important condition for achieving such accuracy. It is that the speakers should have a good North American accent and sound quality should be up to par. However, Temi does not transcribe well audio with background noise, strong accents, and crosstalk.

You just need to download an audio file in order to receive a transcript of a podcast. After making several clicks, you get a quality transcript with a timestamp. Before downloading the file, you can preview it and make adjustments if necessary. Available download formats include .srt, Word, and .pdf.


TranscribeMe offers various transcription services. The quality of the services provided directly depends on what kind of accuracy the customer wants to receive and how much time he can allocate for the work. Just upload your audio files directly to the service or use a smartphone app. Then wait for your order to be sent to professional transcriptionists who will understand the accent, dialect, and subject matter.

The platform also offers multilingual translation services. This includes English, Chinese, Japanese, Cantonese, and Vietnamese languages. Automated transcription services of English audio files are available.

Transcription Panda

This is another platform based on manual translation. The preliminary basic transcription is completed in approximately 5 working days. If you want to receive more accurate services, you will probably have to wait longer. If you place an urgent order for transcripts, you will have to pay more.


Here services are provided by qualified transcribers. GoTranscript prides itself on hiring experienced transcriptionists who provide effective audio to text decoding.

Other widespread GoTranscript services comprise translating subtitles to non-English languages ​​such as Arabic, German, French, Chinese, Hindi, etc. It also offers quality subtitles for the hearing impaired.

How to Choose the Best Transcribing Service?

Above we have reviewed transcribing services that really deserve your attention. Each of them can provide you with a good transcript of your podcast. But how to choose the best website out of all of the above? How to save money on transcribing services? Read below what you need to pay attention to when choosing:

  1. Accuracy. This is probably the main criterion that you need to pay attention to. Not every service is ready to provide 99% audio recognition accuracy. In most cases, the accuracy is within 85% -95%. If you want to achieve high results, you should choose a website that combines manual and automated transcription services. This is, for example, transcriberry.com. It ensures the highest quality and accuracy of every single audio podcast by successfully applying both human resources and modern software.
  2. Speed. This is also an important criterion to consider when choosing the best online transcription service. Not all websites can provide quick help in decoding your podcast. The highest speed is achieved when choosing an automated service because the transcription is performed by software. However, such services cannot provide the highest possible transcription accuracy. Manual transcription can provide the highest accuracy of audio podcast transcription. However, if you choose it, you will most likely have to wait a while to get the work done. But if you contact a service that combines manual and automated transcription, you can achieve the best results in terms of accuracy and speed.
  3. Price. If you want to get a transcription at affordable costs, you should also pay attention to the price criterion. Some services offer good promotions and discounts. Therefore, there is a good opportunity to save money and get a quality transcript.

Now you know how to choose the best website that provides high-accuracy decoding of your podcast. All services described in this review deserve your attention and indeed can be called reliable. However, transcriberry.com favorably differs from others due to its affordable prices, high accuracy, and speed of decryption. Contact the most trustworthy transcribing service and get quality transcripts already today!

Felicia Wilson