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12 Editing and Proofreading Tools to Write an Engaging Email


Email correspondence is a vital instrument for conducting any business. In this regard, the mailing list represents nothing less than a valuable resource, which any ambitious specialist must take full advantage of to gain profit regularly. Writing appealing electronic letters will compel your subscribers to dedicate more time to reading your newsletter, which will subsequently turn them into your clients and even returning customers. 

Are you seeking guidance in composing engaging emails and publicity build-ups? Then don’t think twice before using the excellent editing and proofreading services listed below. 

Mail Mentor

Put together more efficient emails with the help of this virtual tool. Mail Mentor can highlight mistakes and typos, provide you with tips for text improvement, and define at what grade level you are writing. Besides, it allows you to understand how much time it will take your recipient to read your letter so that you can change the text according to this estimate.  

Taking certain vital factors into account, such as the ordinary person’s concentration span, can help you form a high-quality message by guaranteeing that the most attractive details are mentioned within those first eight seconds of reading. (1)

Markdown Here

It’s one thing to write a good email, but it’s quite another to format it correctly. The latter can be somewhat challenging and even annoying, yet, it is crucial to emphasize specific points in your message. Furthermore, proper formatting makes an email visually attractive to the reader. Using special characters upon typing your text in, you can achieve an appealing format in no time. You won’t even need to stop writing your electronic letter to adjust its formatting since it is carried out with a few hotkeys’ help.  


When your task consists of compiling regular mailing campaigns to keep in touch with your clientele, you might quickly run out of ideas on what to write about. Any time you experience an irritating creative crisis, feel free to request expert assistance from one of the best WriteEssayForMe services – EssayRoo. Local specialists will help you develop new engaging ideas and generate a fascinating message subject that will encourage your clients to open your newsletter and read it carefully.  


This online resource aims to improve and correct grammar and punctuation in your email text, so you will definitely want to check with Academized before sending out your electronic letter. Typing errors and misspelling words can ruin your reputation in the eyes of your subscribers and business partners. Not to mention what plagiarism can make to your brand or company as a whole. 

Once you push the “Send” button, it is all done. Hence, it would help if you were absolutely sure of the upscale quality and accuracy of the content you about to present to your whole email list.  

Gorgias Template

Gorgias Templates allows its users to promptly compose correct and attractive messages by resorting to one of the platform’s samples. Thus, you can save some time on writing an email with customized templates and shortcut keys to which you can get instant access. 

Assignment Partner

Any time you suffer from writer’s block or find yourself in the acute need for professional writing advice, well-educated members of the Assignment Partner staff will do their best to offer you a solution to your problem.

Double-checking saves lives and reputations of companies – therefore, if you are not 100% sure your letter is grammatically correct and exquisitely written, address this service for competent guidance.

Easy Word Count

The next tool is designed to let the author create concise and on-topic messages to win the readers’ undivided attention. This helpful service assists you in writing substantially while not exceeding the word count and preventing your loyal customers from getting bored with you.

If you have problems with coming up with concise yet appealing subject lines, don’t hesitate to utilize this resource.


By knowing the “receiving end” of your electronic letters better, you may accommodate those emails to grant their enhanced perception. 

In today’s reality, many people cooperate over the Internet, and this handy tool lets them gain some insight into each other for improved cooperation. Besides that, Crystal helps every employee to ensure effective communication via email with their colleagues. 

UK Writings

One of the worst mistakes an email writer can make is to ignore the revision and proofreading stage before sending letters to your mailing list. Such a crucial stage in composing any writing piece is time- and energy-consuming, so it is highly advised to carry it out under proofreading specialists’ guidance.

The web is abundant with online checkers, which can detect some apparent mistakes. Nonetheless, it would be best if you asked a certified reviser from UK Writings for more detailed and precise editing. An undeniable benefit of such collaboration is that you also receive useful suggestions for perfecting your content. 

Cite It In

Providing references to reliable external sources in your electronic correspondence shows your recipients that you approach the issue of selecting information with full responsibility. However, it also enhances their interest in your newsletter, compelling your “audience” to consider it another helpful resource.  

Simplify the process of reading and absorbing information included in your email for your readers by collecting the perfect quotes for your links. Plus, with the use of Cite It In, you can obtain an excellent reference in an instant – just enter the content you requested.

Just Not Sorry

Do not let your own phrases to “weaken” the concept you are striving to convey in your electronic letter. Just Not Sorry represents a magic wand introduced in Gmail, which checks the emails you are putting together to find any undermining points that make you seem incompetent and a poor communicator. 

Sharp Essay

A top-rated personalized writing company, Sharp Essay (https://sharpessay.com/) specializes in endowing all interested users in superb-quality, catchy textual content for all purposes, including email correspondence and essay writing. 

You can keep your clients and affiliate partners interested in the help of outstanding, enticing texts composed by sophisticated Sharp Essay authors. This way, you will ensure the stable and profitable operation of your organization. 

Thus, by addressing the services mentioned earlier, you are destined to boost your email writing skills up to the highest level to interact with your colleagues, clientele, and business associates efficiently.

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