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5 Sports Accessories for Beginner Athletes


If you’re a beginner athlete, there are many equipment and accessories you need to ensure protection from injuries and other environmental factors. Or maybe you’re looking to get your kid introduced to sports and want to ensure their minimum safety while they’re playing. Whatever the case, you need to know which equipment is the bare minimum for safety precautions.

There are several important sporting accessories for beginner athletes, including:

1. Knee Pads

Knee pads are a very common sporting accessory almost universally used in most sports with a high chance of knee injury like soccer, football, hockey, wrestling, etc. Falling is a common occurrence in these sports, which is where knee pads come to the rescue, protecting the knees from any unwanted injuries.

There are many styles of knee pads available online that range from poor to high-quality products from manufacturers. Considering that knee injuries are very common and can be a major setback, you should opt for the more expensive but better quality ones for long-term use. 

2. Touchscreen Gloves

Using your touchscreen smart devices while wearing regular or sports gloves can be a bit of a problem. Most people use phone apps to monitor their workout or text back to contacts. Investing in a good pair of touchscreen gloves can help solve this dilemma.

Touchscreen gloves protect your hands while allowing you to still function with a phone. Despite looking thin, they offer the same level of protection as a regular sporting glove. Make sure you find gloves with thermal protection features to protect your hands from the winter elements fully.

3. Sports Sunglasses

Whether it’s summer, fall, or winter, a trusty pair of sports sunglasses will help protect your eyes from the sun and dust. Especially when it comes to sports, the sun can be a major factor in your performance if you have to spend long periods on the field for sports like baseball, cricket, volleyball, and more.

Utilize sunglasses made for sports to protect your eyes from the sun as they have a more compact shape than regular sunglasses, preventing them from falling off or breaking easily. If chosen correctly, you can also pair up your sports sunglasses with your casual wear to look stylish.

4. Massage Roller

Whether you’re hitting the gym or playing on the field, your muscles need some relaxation after getting sore from all the physical exertion. Your body won’t be accustomed to this new strain initially, which can result in muscle pulls and pain all over your body. The good news is you can easily remedy the situation with a massage roller.

Massage rollers come in different shapes and sizes with different features. The most basic ones are handheld and need to be rolled across the swollen or sore area, while others have electronic features that allow for automatic massaging. Which one you’ll choose will depend a lot on your budget, but you shouldn’t go overboard on your first purchase

5. Warm-Up Jacket

With winter knocking at the door, not mentioning the warm-up jacket would be a mistake. Warm-up jackets differ from regular jackets focusing on keeping your muscles loose and warm long after you’re done with your warm-up. These jackets are usually very thin and don’t provide much protection against cold unless they have integrated thermal protection features.

These jackets are not very expensive and come in various cuts and styles, so finding one to your liking won’t be too difficult if you spend enough time online. Like knee pads, you should also consider investing in a good-quality warm-up jacket over cheaper options. A thermal jacket is a must to protect yourself from muscle pulls and sprains that can easily happen even with warm-ups in winter.  

Preparing for a New Start

Most of these items are not just useful for beginners but for pro-athletes as well in the long run. They ensure the basic safety precautions you need to take to prevent injuries during your sporting endeavors. Just make sure to do your research and check for reviews before investing in them.

Felicia Wilson


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