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4 Types of Compliments for Men They Would Love to Hear


Compliments make someone feel good. They can make your day brighter and put a smile on your face.

When it comes to compliments for men, there are some types of praises they would love to hear more often! Whether you’re trying to make a man feel good about himself or simply show your appreciation, here are four kinds of compliments that men will appreciate.

Read on for tips on how to give the best compliment – and make your man’s day!

1. Compliments related to body and appearance

Compliments help people feel recognized and appreciated. They are a way to show that you are paying attention and that you value the person.

For men, compliments specific to one’s body or appearance are especially well-received by men. This is because compliments that focus on physical attributes fuel a man’s ego and make him feel more desirable.

In addition, compliments that highlight a man’s appearance communicate to him that you find him attractive, which is a major aphrodisiac. Such compliments can be a way to show appreciation for all the time and effort that he puts into his appearance. Ultimately, compliments about a man’s body and appearance can go a long way toward making him feel loved and appreciated.

Here are examples of sexy compliments related to a man’s physical appearance:

  • You look incredibly handsome/manly today.
  • You look so attractive in that suit/tie/outfit!
  • You look gorgeous when you cry/laugh.
  • I love being locked in your sexy arms.
  • Your beard is very majestic.
  • That shirt looks great on you. But when you’re shirtless, you look more astonishing.
  • You are glowing.
  • I am jealous of your eyelashes; they’re so long and thick.

2. Compliments indicating you believe in him

Many men crave recognition for their work, whether at home or the office. When you offer your man a sincere and great compliment, you are letting him know that you appreciate his efforts and believe in him and his capabilities. This can help boost his confidence and self-esteem, making him feel appreciated by you in particular.

Whether working hard on a challenging project or going above and beyond at his job, a well-timed compliment lets him know that he is valued and appreciated. As Think Aloud writes, we should break the foundations of toxic masculinity and start treating guys the same way we treat women.

A sincere compliment can let a man know that you believe in him, admire his strengths, and appreciate all of his efforts. Perhaps more importantly, compliments show that you are paying attention to the little things and recognizing the hard work he puts in daily.

Whether working hard on a challenging project or going above and beyond at his job, a well-timed compliment lets him know that he is valued and appreciated. (1)

Among the compliments you would want to say to your man to show that you believe in him are:

  • I believe so much in you.
  • I love and appreciate how driven you are each day.
  • I know you can achieve whatever that’s on your mind. You always have.
  • You are a responsible guy, so I always rely on you.
  • Is there something you cannot do?
  • You are such a good cook.
  • I will be on your side, no matter what happens.
  • You are very hard-working and talented.
  • You are so confident and strong.
  • You’re such a dependable guy.

3. Compliments showing you’re affected by him

Men often prefer to receive compliments that show that you are affected by them somehow. Whether it’s his great sense of humor or his irresistible good looks, men appreciate compliments that remind them that they impact those around them. This can be especially true in romantic relationships, as men like to know that their significant other is greatly affected by everything they do.

Here are such great ideas to let him know that you feel the same when you’re with him:

  • I can’t help but smile and blush around you.
  • You have very captivating eyes. I may get lost in them forever.
  • I consider you as my safety net. I feel very supported by you, and it means a lot to me.
  • You know how to make me laugh/smile.
  • I always love spending time with you.

4. Compliments indicating you have high respect for him

Compliments that show respect are the best compliments a man can receive. When you respect a man, you tell him that he is valued and appreciated. It also shows that you see him as a valuable member of society.

Moreover, men place a higher emotional premium on feeling respected than loved. Compliments from their partner boost men’s self-esteem more than compliments about their physical appearance. Men feel respect as love, and they may value feeling respected by their partner more than feeling loved. So, the next time you’re looking to show your man some love, try complimenting him on his character or achievements. It just might mean more to him than you think.

Here are great examples of compliments for men that indicate respect:

  • I am very proud of you.
  • You are such a wonderful person.
  • You have such an energetic personality.

Key Takeaways

Men love compliments as much as women, maybe even more. They just don’t always show it. Society teaches men to be tough, emotionally unavailable, and never show weakness. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Men are human beings with emotions, needs, and wants, just like everyone else. They may not always express it in the same way that women do. This is why compliments mean so much to them. It shows that you have so much respect for who they are. The next time you’re feeling extra appreciative of your man, try serious and funny compliments to make his day and let him know how much he means to you.

While it is important to be genuine in your compliments, it is also crucial to avoid coming across as insincere or condescending. By choosing your words carefully and showing that you truly value the man’s contributions, you can help to build a strong rapport with any man who is important to you.

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