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4 Soulmate Relationships That Will Change Your Life Forever


I’ve always believed in love. I believe that every one of us has that special someone who is right for us. A person whose soul is aligned with ours and when we meet them they will change our lives in the most beautiful way. They will feel like finally coming home from a very long battle.

A true soulmate will make you feel safe and secure to be your true self. When you meet your soulmate, you won’t be able to imagine your life without them.

Someone once told me that you can either have someone who will stimulate you mentally or physically, that you can’t find both in one person. But I found the two things in one person. Your soulmate will stimulate you sexually and mentally just because the connection between you is very spiritual.

However, the concept of a soulmate is not only about one person. In fact, we can have many soulmates during our life paths. You will meet various people that will teach you lessons and you will connect with them and you will love them in some way. But there are 4 types of soul connections that you are very likely to meet and that will change your life forever.


This is your first relationship and your first experience in the dating world. For some people this is a very short experience, for others, it lasts a very long time, but one thing is certain – you almost never end up with your first love.

Very few people are lucky to have their first love to be their soulmate. In most cases, people don’t have other experiences to which they can compare this kind of love and so they have a naïve sense that it will last forever. Unfortunately, it does end but it also gives us the most powerful and heartbreaking lessons. It gives us our first heartache.

However, after this experience and after the second one, you will learn what you want from love and life and you’ll realize your worth so that you won’t stay in a relationship that doesn’t serve you.


This relationship is based on a soul-deep, passionate connection that feels like something you’ve never experienced before. But, deep in your heart, you know that this relationship, however intense and mind-blowing, won’t lead to anything serious or long term. But they will certainly leave a mark on your heart and you’ll remember the experience forever.

These kinds of relationships that are based solely on physical attraction, passion, sex can lead to forming deep soul bonds and they can teach us a lot of things about ourselves. Therefore, we can form deeper feelings for them along the way and always carry them in our heart because of everything we have learned from them about our body, desires, and the true meaning of passion and intensity.


Your platonic soulmate is a person with whom you’ve developed a strong soul bond where you both can be your authentic selves and share your deepest secrets, thoughts, and emotions without developing romantic feelings for each other.

This soulmate is most likely to be your lifelong friend, and even if you don’t see each other often, whenever you see them you both feel as if time hadn’t passed and you just pick up where you left. You may not speak with this person for years, but when you do speak it is so natural as if you’ve never drifted apart.

This is the person around who you can be yourself and this kind of connection is so rare and so beautiful that not many are lucky to find their soulmate in a friend.


This is the other half of your soul. The person who loves and accepts you for everything that you are. The one who encourages you and motivates you to be your best self.

The mere presence of this person makes all your insecurities, fears, and wounds from your past go away. You will feel happy and fulfilled again. The connection between you two will be so intense and so special that you’ll both feel as though you’ve known each other for years.

This is the love that will feel familiar to you. The one that will accept you without judging. And you’ll feel in your body and heart that this is the person with whom you are meant to spend your life with. This is the person with whom you belong because you complete each other. They were the missing piece from your life and now that you’ve found each other you have everything you ever wanted.

Mary Wright