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4 Romantic Gestures that Are Long-Lasting as Love

When You Fall In Love With The Right Person, You’ll Know

Sometimes romantic gestures feel like seasons. They grow and fade over time. Thankfully, true love doesn’t, and as it turns out, some ideas of romance don’t either.

Here are four romantic gestures that seem to survive the test of time:

  1. The Rings!

Ever since the Egyptians professed their love to their partners with weaved reeds, rings have become the ultimate symbol of commitment. The passing centuries don’t change that.

The global demand for diamond jewelry grew to $82 billion in 2017 after the Great Recession. The United States accounts for over 50% of the market.

Meanwhile, the De Beers Group, perhaps the world’s most significant source of the glittering stone, reported that the global demand for the product reached $76 billion worldwide. In the United States, it increased by 5% to a whopping $36 billion.

The data further suggested that commitment jewelry, such as wedding bands and engagement rings, remain the largest markets for diamonds. But gifting of rings during the relationship is also becoming a norm.

But that’s not all. These days, couples need not spend all their cash on diamond rings, particularly if they’re not yet in the engagement or marrying stages. They can explore other options, such as his and hers rings made of silicon. They’re casual, refreshing, subtle, and affordable.

  1. Say I Do

True, marriage rates have been dropping over the years. According to the CDC data, in 2014, only 6.9 for every 1,000 people said I Do. Compare that to 16 for every thousand Americans in the 1950s.

The Pew Research Center survey echoed the same sentiment, suggesting the 2017 rate was down by 8 percentage points compared to 1990. The good news is in 2017, at least 50% of the surveyed participants 17 years old and above said they are already married.

It also mentioned that remarriage is increasing. In 2013, about 40% of the marriages involved couples who were divorced or previously married. Most of all, Pew Research revealed that most marry for love or make a lifelong commitment.

With online dating, a survey showed that nearly 80% said they joined apps to find a serious relationship, including a possible spouse. Only 21% claimed they prefer the relationship to be casual.

While many Americans these days want to stay single for a longer period than their parents or live together than be hassled by a wedding, several still want a legal union.

  1. Date Nights

Americans are not only planning to get married, but they also keep the relationship alive with plenty of date nights (or days, whichever they prefer). One proof is in Google Trends.

Searches for dating ideas surged even during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It reached its peak in August probably as couples looked for summer activities to do. Then, more searches happened in January and February as Valentine’s Day rolled in.

Well-known apps or platforms also understand the importance and popularity of dating. A Google Chrome extension, for instance, allows people to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix or Disney+ simultaneously regardless of where they are in the world.

Couples who already have children also strive not to skip their habits. In a study involving 10,000 couples, about 30% said they’d have their “us time” at least once a month. Over 10% revealed theirs was once a week.

Even better, after following their participants for years, the researchers discovered that those who planned once-a-month dates stayed longer than those who went out on fewer dates.

  1. Of Valentine’s Day

Others may say that Valentine’s Day has become too commercial. But many Americans still want to keep at it.

The National Retail Foundation shared that Americans spent over $15 billion on Valentine’s Day presents in 2019. No pandemic is also going to ruin that day for them. For 2021, the NRF forecasts that spending will reach over $20 billion.

On average, a person may shell out $165 for their loved ones. Gifts for spouses alone could hit $11 billion followed by presents for other family members at over $3.5 billion.

Pets, interestingly, also receive Valentine’s Day gifts. Finder.com revealed that over 25 million pet owners handed out treats and other supplies to their felines and canines in 2020.

Besides the classic flower-and-chocolate presents, loved ones may look forward to greeting cards—lots of them. According to Hallmark, at least 140 million cards are delivered or exchanged every Valentine’s Day.

Many romantic trends come and go, but some survive the changes. Not only are they part of people’s cultures, but they’re also the best expressions of love to someone.

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