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3 Of The Most Agonizing Things A Narcissist Will Do To You


The world would be a much better place without narcissists. However, they would probably disagree with that statement. In their minds, the world revolves entirely around them and everyone else in it are just pawns. Because of that, they will do whatever they want to others without any remorse.

Being close to someone like this is one of the most painful situations that you could ever go through. Here are 3 of the most agonizing things a narcissist will do to you.

1. Gaslighting

The main goal that this person has is to gain full control over you. The best way that they can do that is by making you lose trust in yourself. They want you to lose track of what’s really happening and how they’re hurting you. That way, they can convince you that they’re the only person that you can rely on.

By using this technique, a narcissist will make you believe that you’re the problem, not them. To do that, they’ll lie to you, pretend that certain things didn’t happen. or pretend that they didn’t say something you remember them saying. Similarly, they’ll rewrite history and change facts about certain situations. In the end, you’ll believe that all your thoughts are wrong.

2. Belittling

At the beginning of any relationship, platonic or romantic, a narcissist will shower you with affection. They’ll tell you how amazing you are, spend a lot of time with you, and maybe even give you gifts. In just a short time, they’ll give you the impression that they care more about you than they do about anyone else. That, however, will change very suddenly.

Without any warning, this person will change their tune. They’ll go from telling you how special you are to talking about how worthless you are. In contrast to how affectionate they were before, they’ll now become distant and cold towards you. By doing this, they put you in a state of vulnerability. Worse still, you won’t even be able to leave because your initial interactions with them convinced you that they’re good.

3. Triangulation

In a narcissist’s world, people are just tools. They’re there to be manipulated and used for their own gain. Sometimes, other people are just a way to help them terrorize you too. For example, if they want you to think that you’re stupid, they could tell you that a close friend said that about you. Similarly, they may also tell you how much better your friends and family are than you.

They want to keep you second-guessing yourself so that they can lower your self-esteem as much as possible. Sadly, using other people is the perfect way to achieve that goal. Along with that, it also means that you can’t call them the bad guy since they’re using others as a diversion.

The only thing that a narcissist in your life will ever do is try to control you. They are charming and charismatic, but also masters of manipulation. Since they know exactly how to take away your power, they will do whatever they can to make that happen. Through all the things that they do, they will hurt you in the most painful ways imaginable.

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Eva Jackson