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10 Positive Signs That He Has Fallen Madly In Love With You


It has always been amazing to me how powerful emotions really are.

You can always tell when a person falls madly in love with you.

They don’t even have to utter a word for you to understand that. They don’t need to open their mouth and tell you how they feel. Because suddenly, the look in their eyes and the softness of their touch say more than their words ever could. Suddenly, the energy they radiate with reveals how blessed they are to be in your presence.

Suddenly their actions speak much louder than their voice. And you just know. Not because you’ve heard those 3 words, but because they’re doing everything in their power to prove their love to you.

Here are 10 positive signs that your man has fallen madly in love with you:

1. He constantly talks about you with his friends and family. You know how you can’t stop talking about him to your best girls? Well, guess what? He talks too. You may think that when it comes to expressing emotions and showing affection, men are cold, heartless beings but the truth is, if a guy is madly in love with you, he won’t shut up about you to his pals.

2. He always surprises you with small gifts. The fact that he has stopped by to pick up fresh flowers on his way to your date tells you everything that you need to know. His random, effortless tokens of love are what makes you certain that his man has nowhere else to be except by your side.

3. He does not care about anyone else but you. To him, there are no other “fishes in the sea”. There’s only you. Because when a man falls madly in love with you, he doesn’t need to have his options open. He doesn’t need to flirt with other women. He is not interested in anything else but you.

4. He openly tells you that he wants to spend his life with you by his side. He commits to you fully and lets you know that he is ready to be there or you for all eternity.  A man in love doesn’t hesitate to commit to an exclusive and monogamous relationship. Because he is ready to devote his future to loving you.

5. He is proud to be your partner. More importantly, he does not hide you from the world like you are some kind of a dirty secret. A man in love proudly introduces you to anyone because to him you are everything.

6. You always catch him staring at you with a smile on his face. That may be just a small, random habit that he usually has, but it is also the biggest sign that he is madly in love with you. Nothing screams emotions the way his eyes do. Nothing says I love you more than his actions.

7. He notices every little thing about you. Everything that others ignored or failed to see. Everything that most people never even cared about. All those parts of your personality that you desperately wanted everyone to accept and notice. Well, finally there is a person in your life who embraces all of those parts and loves you for who you are.

8. Your happiness means the world to him. You can see the empathy in his eyes. In the way he caresses your head when you are feeling low. In the way he looks at you when you are devastated. In the things that he does for you when you are going through hell. Your smile is what makes him the happiest man alive.

9. You are the first person that he calls whenever something happens to him. The first person that pops into his mind every morning and every night. The one that he could never live without. Because you matter to him.  More than you can imagine.

10. He is not afraid to tell you how much he loves you. Because he knows that you two are meant to be together. Knowing that fate brought you two together helps him open his soul and show his vulnerable heart to you.

Stephanie Reeds