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Write and Rewrite: 5 Online Tools for a Better Content Writing


Writing has never been easy. It’s a skill that cannot be learned overnight. It usually takes time and effort to gain a particular writing skill. In fact, you might spend many years and exert tremendous effort to master the skill. Hence, other people who have fully honed their writing skills can make a living from it. 

Although you’ve been working as a professional writer for many years, you might have encountered different writing struggles. That’s fine because writing a masterpiece is considered an art. Hence, creating one needs you to use your honed skills besides creativity in producing high-quality and fresh outputs to the readers. 

To create a masterpiece of written art, you need to do a series of writing and rewriting. That’s why many content writers today can earn a lot of money from producing written articles promoting different companies’ products and services. Hence, read the details below to know the various online tools that have significantly helped these writers make writing a lucrative job. (1)

Character Counter

Social media is another platform of content writers for their job. That’s why they should know how to use the character counter. It’s a tool that they can use to streamline their post content on different social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Many people rarely find a social media post interesting if it contains long written texts. That’s why you should stay within the character count limit. Doing so helps you manage the number of characters on your content post, ensuring that you’ve only included the essential details and information. 

The tool includes a character counter with spaces and without spaces. It also has character counters for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Using this tool, you write ahead of time, including only your audience’s most-sought details before posting it on your social media account. 


Another important online tool used by most content writers is Grammarly. Many native speakers of the English language even use this tool. It shows that even if they’re writing and speaking in English every day, they still commit mistakes. Hence, they use Grammarly whenever they write. 

Grammarly examines your written outputs. It corrects whatever part of your writing that contains an error. That includes a subject-verb agreement, proper capitalizations and contractions, and correct use of modifiers or adjectives. It also gives you suggestions of what word or words and even phrases that will be better to use based on your sentence. 

Grammarly is a useful tool to help any writer find all the grammar issues with their writings. Hence, corrections will be applied before your written outputs will be uploaded or published. 


One of the technical issues in writing is plagiarism. When you have any original ideas or expressions, these are considered being your intellectual property. Hence, when some people represent your ideas as theirs, it’s called plagiarism. It’s a form of stealing or literary theft, and that’s against the law. 

Since plagiarism has been a growing problem online, always use Copyscape. It’s an online tool that was created and made available for public use. It addresses the ever-increasing online issues with plagiarism. 

Cliché Finder

When you write, you need to use all of your original ideas as much as possible. However, you might experience a few instances where you have to use popular ideas of other people, mostly from known people, to emphasize your point. The purpose of Cliché Finder is to help you minimize the use of clichés in your written outputs because the chance is high that it’ll weaken your claim. 

Since using clichés can sometimes be unavoidable, the Cliché Finder will help you identify the usually used clichéd words or phrases in most published or uploaded writings online. You only need to copy your writing and paste it on the Cliché Finder online tool and click submit. 

Then, the tool will let you know by highlighting the clichés in your writings. By doing so, you can apply some corrections and revisions before you’ll successfully upload or publish your written output. 

Zen Writer

One of the common problems of writers is when they encounter different distractions during writing. It could be the alert notifications of emails or Facebook. It might be other notifications from various social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter. These might contain important messages, but the writing you’re doing at the moment seems to be more important.

Hence, you need to set a specific time to check your social media updates and notifications and spare time to devote to writing. That’s why Zen Writer is made available to help writers during these times. Zen writer minimizes distractions from different sources by encompassing the entire computer screen, so you’ll only see the page you’re writing on. 

Besides that, you can hear therapeutic music when writing that will significantly give you focus together with the different relaxing images on the background screen. Hence, Zen writer is another tool that will help writers produce quality written outfits for their job. 


Writing with quality has been a challenge to both novices and experienced writers. The years of experience doesn’t guarantee that you won’t encounter writing problems. Hence, the different online writing tools discussed above are useful to help you do your job most efficiently and effectively. If you haven’t tried any of them, you better start exploring one now to your next writing task. (2)

David Smith