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Women With Too Many Heartbreaks Are Afraid Of Falling In Love

Women With Too Many Heartbreaks Are Afraid Of Falling In Love

To trust someone and to fall in love is scary as hell. This is especially true for women who have been hurt too many times in their life. Women who have gone through a couple of heartbreaks choose more carefully their partners before giving their hearts away.

It’s totally okay to be afraid of falling in love. Fear is a powerful emotion that guides people through life. We have all seen the painful side of love. Some relationships have hurt us, yet we’ve managed to survive and learn from that mistaken love.

That is why broken-hearted women don’t trust others so easily. These women stand firm, they walk proudly, and they see things with eyes wide open.

I have come to the conclusion that there are certain things that can be recognized in the behavior of a broken woman. If you pay close attention, you may notice them. Here they are:

1. Firstly and most importantly, she doesn’t trust anyone.

Men can’t gain her trust easily. They can keep talking and convincing her, but there is no way that she will fall for their words. Sometimes she disbelieves her friends and family as well. When it comes to these women, actions speak louder than words. 

2. She makes fun of love and romance.

Chances are that she will make a joke if someone asks her about her love life. Also, she will laugh at every cliché that men make up just so that they get her number. Romantic movies? Oh, please, those are comedy movies for her. She is way too straightforward and she can’t stand liars and fakers.

3. She thinks that everyone wants to use her.

The first thing that comes to her mind when she meets a man is that he only wants to use her for sex. If they start dating, she thinks that this man is using her for the sole act of having a loyal girl by his side, or for social status, or for whatever nonsense she can think of. Because after all, all she has ever known is heartbreak after heartbreak.

4. She overthinks things.

She is a master at overthinking stuff in her mind. She overplays stories like a broken mix tape stuck on one song. She asks herself where it went wrong with every boy she’s dated. She asks herself what she did to make him leave her without saying a word. Her mind is filled with negative thoughts and all the awful memories left from the heartbreaks.

5. She keeps falling for guys that hurt her.

Deep down she knows what type of guys will heal her heart. But she refuses to give it a try and she goes looking for guys that hurt her over and over again. She allows this to happen because she is afraid that once she falls for a good guy, she will do something to make him go away.

6. She accepts that heartbreaks are her thing.

She is used to being heartbroken, so when she meets a new guy, her mind is programmed to think that it won’t be long before he leaves her, just like all the others guys before him. She knows that in a month she will cry and break, and she is used to not getting closure. That is why her mind is used to creating the end.

7. She wants to change.

But most importantly, deep down she believes in change. She believes that one day she will find the one who will appreciate her and respect her. And moreover, she believes she will find the one who will not leave her but love her forever. Deep down she knows that a change is on her way and that she will get better, but she just needs time.

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